Infrared Fireplace Heater: Instant Heat With American Comfort Quality

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Just Take One Look at This Infrared Fireplace Heater…

If you are looking for an affordable way to heat a part of your home, or a complete room, we have a solution. You may want to consider an portable infrared  fireplace heater. These fireplaces come in a variety of styles and designs to compliment any décor and are a very effective and affordable way to warm a space, saving you money from heating  your entire home with a furnace.

American Comfort infrared heaters tick just about all our boxes as they have a long tradition of making quality heaters utilizing the latest modern technology in industrial heating designs and get great reviews by customers. In our quartz infrared heater review of the American Comfort infrared fireplace heater we will cover just why this infrared fireplace heater is a quality unit!

The American Comfort Quartz Infrared Fireplace Heater…

The American Comfort Model No. ACW0040WE Infrared Portable Fireplace is one of the best infrared fireplace heaters you will find. Featuring the latest in infrared technology, this unit has a total of four infrared quartz bulbs with nickel-chrome filaments that do all the work. There’s two temperature settings, low (750-watts) and high (1,500-watts) and this portable fireplace can produce up to 5,200 BTUs per hour and can effectively heat an area of between 500 and 1,000 square feet.

Benefits of the American Comfort Infrared Fireplace Heater:

  • Available in Tuscan, Oak or Espresso finish
  • Displays a comforting and attractive faux flame
  • Features an electrostatic filter to cleanse the aie
  • Heats 1000 square feet
  • Heater and Fireplace can be controlled independently
  • 12 Hour Timer w/ Low and High settings with Digital Thermostat
  • Digital Display, Remote control displays temp in C and F
  • Nylon smooth glide locking casters
  • Auto Start after power failure
  • Size 18.5″ X 15.2″ X 18.1″

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Infrared Fireplace Heater Warmth As You Walk In The Door…

What makes the American Comfort the best infrared fireplace heater is, that it weighs just 24.5 pounds, generates heats of between 50 and 86F and has a 12-hour timer. It is easy to move around a living space as it sits on easy glide nylon casters, has easy to use and read temperature adjusting controls and starts to heat an room the moment it is plugged in.

A 12 hour timer shutoff is perfect for when you want a warm home to come to after a day out when it is freezing outside and the days are long and dark outside.

You can set up this heater anywhere you like and the relaxing flickering flames look so realistic, you could spend hours dreaming away…A digital remote control makes the American Comfort quartz fireplace heater a snap to turn off when you are snuggled up in your comfy chair or bed:)

As for how it looks, the American Comfort Infrared Portable Fireplace has a classic dark espresso design with faux logs in an actual fireplace. You can also control the fireplace and heater separately which adds to the mood and atmosphere of any room it is in. The infrared bulbs in this unit have been rated to have a lifespan of between 20-thousand and 30-thousand hours.
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Reviews Of The American Comfort Infrared Fireplace Heater

 infrared fireplace heater
Online reviews indicate that aside from the fact that the actual infrared fireplace heater is smaller than it appears in photos online, it is well worth the purchase. Despite its size, it more than makes up for that with the attractive design and the way it performs. One new owner raves about how this unit heated two rooms in a home with little or no effort.

Additional Features…

Other features that have been noted in infrared fireplace heater reviews include how quietly it operates. The manufacturers say the overall noise level of the American Comfort Infrared Portable Fireplace measures at 45db which is very low on the noise scale. Other new owners of this product say they have used it frequently to heat a specific area of their home and the manufacturers state this unit should not be used to replace a normal home heating system.

This electric infrared heater has a one year warranty with a 36-month warranty on the heating elements which is another feature mentioned in online reviews. There’s an easy to clean electrostatic filter in the heater that traps allergens and ensures the warm air that is sent into the space to be heated is as clean as possible. This added feature has met with approval by many new owners.

Why You Should Consider This Infrared Fireplace Heater…

There are so many pluses to the American Comfort Infrared Portable Fireplace ranging from the efficient operation to the way it looks. They all point to this being a great choice if you are looking for a quiet, cost saving and portable  infrared fireplace heater. Like to read more on how to choose an infrared heater?



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