Amish Infrared Heaters Reviews: 3 Popular Heaters For Large Areas

Amish Infrared Heaters Reviews. We look at which infrared heaters are the most effective out of current amish heaters available

An Amish heater, also known as an Amish fireplace is designed to look like a traditional wood burning heater. While they look very similar to traditional Amish heaters, they are an electric infrared space heater. Amish space heaters, despite the name, have no direct connection to the Amish community. They are probably called Amish heaters in an effort to associate the heater with the Amish community’s uncomplicated lifestyle.

Cheaper To Operate

Amish heaters are efficient space heaters in their power consumption as they use infrared technology to heat objects in the room, unlike furnaces which directly warm the surrounding air. For those looking for a rustic looking fireplace heater to compliment their country style home, these are the perfect option. There are no actual flames, only a realistic faux flame effect for bringing the lovely warming ambiance to your room. Here’s a good resource on Understanding the Science between Infrared Heaters vs. Traditional Heaters

Clean Regular Heat Source

 By providing a clean, consistent and even heat source, they are a smart alternative to traditional heating methods, plus they are popular for their functional design, while adding a cozy traditional touch.

With cooler weather on the way, now is a perfect time to find a new heater, especially if you’re in the market to replace, or add a supplementary heat source to your home. If you’re looking for a cost effective unit to heat areas throughout your home, you could consider the popular Amish inspired black Duraflame Infrared Quartz with it’s classic curved front. These electric heaters are designed to look like a traditional settler style fireplace to heat your home, taking inspiration from actual Amish heater designs.

They give you all the looks, comfort and warmth of a real fire without the  hassle of cleaning out ash, buying in wood and upkeep. If you are not sure of the safety aspects, here’s why these smart heaters are safe to use indoors and outdoors.


Brand Name

More Details

Walker Edison Bern 2 Glass Door Fireplace and TV Stand

Country Living Electric Fireplace Heater Heats 1,000sq Feet

Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace with 3D Flame Effect

These 3 heaters are the most popular in our Amish infrared heaters reviews.

  • These Amish infrared heater electric fireplaces can comfortably heat the whole room using very little energy.
  • The combined low energy usage and the effective zoned room heating saves people money on their gas and electricity bills.
  • While the flames and log and ember beds in the fireplace look incredibly realistic, they are much safer and cleaner than any real wood fire.
  • The outer casing remains cool to the touch completely reducing the risk of accidental burns


1) Classic Walker Edison Bern 2 Glass Door Fireplace TV Stand

This attractive looking Walker Edison Classic 2 Door Fireplace is inspired by the classic design and functionality of Amish heaters. Simple and timeless, the electric heater insert is enclosed within its classic mantle, 2 bookshelves with shelves on either side and featuring traditional scrollwork. This timeless piece looks just like an old fashioned heater with its graceful design at the front.

Not Only Do You See Flames, There Are Also Glowing Logs And Embers

Who doesn’t love the homeliness and comfort of a real fire? We have a wood heater and an infrared heater and nothing beats the mood that flames and embers create. What we don’t enjoy is the mess wood heaters make. Dusty and needing to clear out the base of ash regularly. Amish infrared heaters are styled with very realistic looking flames which glow and flicker depending on which function you choose.

There is even a real looking glowing log and ember bed to complete the look, all without the previously mentioned mess. The glowing log and ember bed can be used with, or without heat so you get to enjoy the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire come winter, spring, summer or autumn. Not sure what infrared heat is or how it works? Here’s how

Amish Style Electric Fireplaces Maintain Natural Humidity Levels

Unlike your traditional gas heaters, the heat emitted from these electric heaters that look like a wood stove don’t dry out the air anywhere near as much. They are designed to maintain the natural humidity in the air which is good in the colder months as the colder conditions can have a tendency to dry out our skin.

You can plug the 110 volt unit into an electrical outlet and you’re good to go. As for weight and size, it’s on the heavier side at 105LB  with dimensions of  70 x 16 x 24 inches

Benefits of the Amish Style Heater:

  • Brings the essential warmth and comfort of an old fashioned fireplace with flames and a very real looking log and ember bed
  • Provides comforting warmth up to 400sq feet
  • Includes a remote control unit
  • Stylish classic designed to look like an Amish heater
  • 2 Deep bookshelves with 2 sets of shelves
  • Dimensions 70 x 16 x 24 inches

The infrared quartz elements and heat exchanger provide enough steady heat that many people used this Amish space heater with fake flames to warm bedrooms, work places, offices, studies, kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Amish Space Heaters Much Cheaper To Run

What was outstanding was how cheap this heater was to run over the cooler months. We noticed in Amish heater reviews people used the mantle to put their flat screen TV’s on and the width of this mantle can easily accommodate a 80 inch TV.

Choose me for the classic lines of my elegant design with my wide mantelpiece. My shelves hold books, photos of the family and decorative accessories. My sleek look is perfect for creating a centerpiece  in the livingroom or the home office


2) Black Country Living Infrared Heater


Number 2 in our Amish style infrared heaters reviews is the rather retro looking Country Living Heater. Choosing the right Amish infrared fireplace heater for your home is an investment and preferably you choose a unit which is well designed, does the job it is designed to do, and most of all, adds an attractive element to your home. The Country Living Large Room Fireplace does all of those. This space heater with fake flames is a rectangular style heater which is an all-in-one neat, efficient and beautifully designed Amish styled heater.

This Amish Style Space Heater Has A Larger Body

Did you have grandparents who had a heater that looked like this, wonderfully old fashioned? Featuring a larger body than most other Amish styled heaters, (13” X 24” X 23.5”H) the sleek cabinet features a classically designed appearance.

Super Realistic Charred Log set and Flames

Country Living have even gone to the lengths of recreating the appearance of charred wooden logs and rough ember bed via a mold from the real thing to look exactly like a true-to-life, burnt wood appearance! You can choose to have heat or no heat, and then set the logs to look as if they are burning….

Benefits of Amish Electric Heaters:

  • Portable electric infrared radiant heater featuring 3 commercial grade quartz infrared elements to enjoy the warmth and look of flames and a hotly glowing ember bed complete with very realistic charred logs
  • Plugs straight into a standard 120-volt outlet
  • Choose to zone heat any room in your house, workshop, home office, RV or site office up to 1,000sq
  •  Comes with a multi-function digital remote control to turn the unit on and adjust the logs and flame settings.
  • Dimensions – 13 X 24 X 23.5 

The remote control is used to turn the heater on and set the log and flame effects. From the remote control you can choose the right temperature and each time the heater is turned on, it stays at the previously chosen settings.

These heaters are such a good inexpensive heat source for warming areas up to 1,000 Sq. Ft. in size. Why not create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your home?

Pick me for being a stylish looking heater just like the Amish used. My easy care cabinet is a classic design. My wide front means you can see my glowing coals and flames anywhere in the room. I create a soothing and relaxing ambience

3) Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace with 3D Flame Effect


The DuraFlame  Electric Fireplace Heater is a larger sized heater and ideal for heating a larger room. If you’re looking for a Amish style portable electric infrared radiant heater that can warm an area of 1,000 square feet or less, the is the one you want.
If you enjoy the cozy look of a real wood burning stove where you can see the red and golden flames, this model can give you that comfort and feeling of coziness with or without heating your home.

Benefits of This Amish Heater:

  • Encased a beautifully sleek cabinet, this electric Amish space heater heats rooms up to 1,000 sq feet
  • Quiet, fan-forced heater with High/Low settings for even heat distribution; This heater cab be used for enjoyment year-round
  • Realistic flame effect with patented flame technology
  • Uses over 90% less energy than gas to produce visual flames
  • Plugs into any standard household outlet
  • Measures 12.9″D x 24″W x 23.4″H

The unit distributes heat through forced air and has three heat settings: high, low and no heat.

This unit weighs in at 30.4 pounds and is covered by a one year warranty on parts and labor. Light bulbs for the unit are not included in the warranty coverage.

Choose me for my old fashioned look which hides the latest in heating technology for efficiency! My flames can be enjoyed year round with or without heat

Classic Looking Amish Infrared Fireplace Heaters Lend Their Style To Modern Heaters

Whether you choose any of these electric heaters, you know you can heat your home and save some money this winter. These Amish space heaters take a design leaf from the Amish themselves and the heating units provide a clean alternative to wood stoves or natural gas furnaces.  They are more reliable than other heat sources, plus they don’t require venting. These reasonably compact units can easily fit into any room in your home. It’s worth taking your time to read a few Amish infrared heaters reviews and choose the right heat output and appearance to suit your needs.

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