5 Best Outside Heaters For Patio’s And Decks

best outdoor heater

Gas and electric infrared patio heaters are the ideal solutions for providing instant warmth as the cool evening air sets in. When you are having such fun enjoying catching up with family and friends outdoors, going indoors probably isn’t an option. While there are many different kinds of heaters designed for heating the outdoors area, you really want a heater that looks good, pumps out heat and is portable. So, which is the best outside heater?

How do you choose which one is the best patio heater for attractiveness, effciency and safety? We decided to take a look and see what choices are available. We found there are 3 choices : gas, propane and electric. These are very different options as you’ll see below, some of them are a little different and they do the job very well.

6 Best Outside Heaters

Patio Heaters

Brand Name


More Details

Outdoor FireTable For Patio, Decks & Backyards

4.7 / 5

19" Heininger Firebowl. Propane Patio Heater For Patio, Decks & RV's

4.8 / 5

42" Moon And Stars Outdoor Firepit

4.5 / 5

Propane Umbrella Patio Heater- Heats To 18' Radius

4.7 / 5

Heatstorm Tripod Infrared Patio Heater 13' cord

4.7 / 5

What Is The Best Patio Heater?

Outdoor fireplaces and heaters are popular right now. You already know why they are so attractive, but a closer look reveals benefits you may not have considered…

As the cooler weather approaches, the months of outdoor parties and entertainment is fast coming to an end. The days are shorter and without a cosy source of warmth on the deck, spending a few hours huddled outside of an evening isn’t as inviting! One of the best additions to keep warm is an outdoor fireplace. An outdoor fireplace can be the perfect addition no matter the season.

Provides A Focal Point For Gatherings

The cosy warmth outdoor fireplaces put out almost instantly attract people. The attraction must go back to our caveman days when we huddled around the fire to tell stories and keep warm. Whether summer or winter, your outdoor heater can be the perfect place for people to gather to relax and tell stories, play cards, solve life’s problems or roast marshmallows by. You’d be surprised by the memories you create and share around your outdoor fireplace.

Fresh Air In The Colder Months

In the colder climates where the days are short and spring seems so far away,  outdoor fireplaces let you and your family to enjoy the crisp outdoors no matter the weather. Everyone goes a little stir crazy after being cooped up inside! There is nothing nicer than sitting outside rugged up, around an outdoor heater clasping a hot cup of cocoa. The warmth of the heat will soon have cheeks rosy and glowing. So, why not escape outdoors without freezing?

Safety and Ambiance

Backyard fires can create a fun and romantic atmosphere under a clear, starry night. The benefits of having a dedicated outdoor fireplace heater or firepit is the safety aspect. Sure we all love the magic of a big bonfire, but the reality is they are not the safest!

Which brings us to what is the best patio heater? The safest option is either a electric or propane gas heater, followed by a wood firepit which is safely contained in a metal container. Most of the options are portable so they can be stored away when they aren’t needed.  These outdoor heaters offer the perfect combination of fun, ambiance and safety whenever you feel like throwing a backyard party.

A beautifully designed and functional fireplace is a smart way to create a cozy environment and keep the outdoor entertainment going in the colder months.

 Teenage kids can gather around with their friends, meals can be cooked -depending on the style of heater, birthday celebrations and more are just some of the many benefits an outdoor fireplace brings.

1) Outdoor Fire Table - Liquid Propane Gas only

When you want an multi-functional outside heater which combines usefulness and functionality, this outdoor fire table certainly does the trick. The Endless Summer fire table instantly adds an ambiance of warmth and elegance to the space. It’s made with durable, weather-resistant steel and features a handcrafted slate tile mantel.The outside casing is attractive with its laser cut  steel leaf design to cover the gas bottle and the bowl is filled with pretty amber colored smoked glass pieces.

Geometric Slate Edging

The edges are neatly finished with geometric slate tiles, making it an attractive centerpiece for any outdoor living space from porches, patios and backyards.

50,000 BTU’s of Heating Power

Forget those firepits with logs and cleaning out the wet ash mess from the grate….. The 50,000 BTU stainless steel burner kicks out a good heat and the flames bring all the ambiance of a classic log fire without the mess of ashes!

From Fire Table To Coffee Table

The best thing about this design is the inclusive table insert, so your outdoor heater can double as a table for drinks and meals. A protective cover is included to throw over for added protection against the elements when not in use. The setup is relatively straightforward and takes between 30-60 minutes if 2 people do it together.

The only downside here is you can see the gas cylinder through the laser cut steel. The gas tank isn’t included with the purchase but is a standard unit. It fits inside the base of the table. The fire table comes with the following items:

  • Bronze fire glass
  • Protective cover
  • Table insert

Why Choose The Fire Table:

  • Perfect for outdoor entertaining
  • 50,000 BTU’s stainless steel burner with electronic ignition
  • Steel outer casing with laser cut leaf design
  • Dimensions – 30”W x 30” L x 25.4” H
  • Built-in Piezo starter for easy starts

You do need to be careful while handling the  pieces of fire glass and use protective gloves as many of them may have sharp edges.

This is an excellent option if you want an attractive, easy-setup  patio heater that doesn’t require wood to burn. It’ll set a lovely mood and you won’t have to worry about cleaning up the ashes.

Choose me! I look amazing, plus I am useful and decorative. I can be used as a firepit or coffee table as I have a cover. I use propane as a fuel source

2) The Best Outside Heater - Outdoor Firepits

Attractively designed portable firepits make the best outdoor patio heaters – small, compact and fueled with propane gas. For small spaces, taking camping or tucking into the RV as you head out, this compact firepit by Heininger is a clever design

If you’re on the lazier end of the spectrum, and finding wood and the subsequent clean-up is a hassle for you, then this 22 lb. fire bowl from Heininger could be your answer.

19 Inch All Weather Fire Pit

This robust 19-inch fire pit is portable and super simple to use. The setup barely takes a few minutes and doesn’t require any tools. What’s even better is that the cleaning doesn’t take much time either. The fire bowl uses 58,000 BTU of liquid propane, so it’ll keep you warm and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of firewood, managing the smoke, or cleaning up ash.

The Heininger is CSA approved and spark-free. It’s safe to use in forested areas such as national parks and during most campfire bans.

With its premium quality steel build and protective enamel finish, it also scores high on durability. It comes with a stainless-steel burner and fasteners. The chrome valve knob helps to adjust the flame height and comes with a comfortable rubber grip.

You don’t get a gas tank with the purchase, but you get the following items:

  • A 10 feet hose to keep the gas tank at a distance.
  • Natural lava rock set to create a flickering effect.
  • A UV and weather-resistant cover for the fire bowl.

To maximize the heat, you must lay small rocks at the bottom of the bowl. Larger rocks placed near the ring can clog the holes and reduce the heat.

This fire bowl has impressive review ratings because it’s such a consumer friendly design, plus it’s performance. Its portability and ease of setup makes it an ideal choice for camping trips, beach parties, RV trips across the country, and the backyard too.

Looking for the ideal fire bowl for camping trips, beach parties, RV use and the patio? At 19 inches, I am the ideal size to keep people warm

3) 42 Inch Large Bonfire Wood Burning Firepit For Patio's & Backyards

Which is the best outside heater which is portable, swift to set up, safe, and big enough to seat 10 people around it? Plus, the best patio heaters look great with funky cutouts where you can see the orange gold embers glowing through…

The creatively designed Sunnydaze Cosmic Outdoor Fire Pit is a one-stop solution for those wanting all these features and more, all contained in this attractively designed fire bowl.

42 Inch Wood Burning Firepit

This 42-inch fire pit weighs 36 lb. and assembling it takes close to 10 minutes. Unlike the previous products we saw, this fire bowl doesn’t use a gas tank and needs wood to burn.

Made from Toughened Steel

It’s completely made of steel and is durable and heat resistant. The raised legs of the fire pit ensure that the ground beneath isn’t charred.

Moon And Star Cutouts

The moon and star cutouts are an interesting element of the fire pit; it’s different from the patterns usually found on fire pits. These cutouts are covered by mesh so no burning bits of wood falls out.

The fire pit offers multiple tools for safety:

  • A built-in wood grate to enhance the airflow.
  • A round metal spark screen to protect from sparks flying out of the pit.
  • A poker tool for controlling the fire and handling the spark screen.

Although the fire pit has a rust-resistant coating, it’s likely to rust if not kept dry. The pit has a rather tiny drain hole in the center and it’s not enough to completely drain the water. An easy fix would be to drill a few extra holes at the bottom.

Perfect Size For Outdoor Gatherings

The Cosmic Outdoor Fire Pit is perfect for evening gatherings. Its size allows you to add larger logs to it, keeping everyone warmer. It’s essential to remember this product is strictly for outdoor use and not for use in enclosed areas.

Why Choose The Fire Pit:

  • Perfect for throwing on larger logs of a cold evening to get the fire roaring
  • Solid tough steel construction, finished to look aged
  • Ash screen stops any embers escaping, even in windy conditions
  • 42 inch diameter x 23 inch high; Outdoor fire pit bowl is 10 inch tall x 34 inch diameter
  • Moon and stars glow when backlit by embers

My large size makes me a party focal point with my moon and star cutouts. My larger size, 42″, means I can comfortably take larger logs of wood

4) The Best Outside Heater Is The PAMAPIC Patio Heater 88" Tall

To feel toasty warm on a cold night, you have to huddle up to the heater outdoors. But what if you want to throw a large party outdoors? Not everyone wants to huddle near the heater and be in close contact, especially these days!

The solution? A commercial sized tall patio heater which throws out a broad radius of heat. 18 feet in fact.

And that’s exactly what the PAMAPIC Patio Heater offers.  

Throws Heat out Up To 18 Feet

Packed with a 46,000 BTU stainless steel burner, this standing heater has a heat range of 18 feet. It’s 7.3 feet tall and comes with deflectors that assist in spreading the heat evenly. This makes the heater perform well and makes you feel like it has much higher BTU available.

The tall patio heater takes anywhere between 30-45 minutes to set up. It needs a liquid propane gas tank to operate and can fit a 20 lb. gas tank inside it. The tank chamber comes with a door that makes it easy to replace the gas tank.

Push Button Ignition

This patio heater comes with a secure pulse ignition device, so you just have to press a button to get it started. Increasing and decreasing the heat is a simple affair, thanks to the adjustable valve. It’s equipped with a tip-over protection system and a safety auto shut-off tilt valve.

8 Foot Tall And Portable

Although the structure is almost 8 feet tall, it’s lightweight and relatively easy to shift because it comes with wheels that move smoothly. This means you could move it conveniently from indoors to the patio or the backyard.

Along with the purchase, you also get a zippered waterproof cover for the heater that protects it from rain, snow, and sunlight.

Why Choose The Patio Heater:

  • Commercial grade propane gas umbrella style heater for outdoor entertaining
  • 46,000 BTU’s with electronic ignition and safety cutoff
  • Throws out heat to a range of 18 feet in diameter
  • Dimensions – 88″*32″*18″

The PAMAPIC Patio Heater is a powerful umbrella style outdoor heater and has a wide range of heat distribution, which makes it one of the best outside heaters for both small and large gatherings.

Perfect for parties, I throw out heat in an 18 foot radius. Press a button with my pulse ignition and you’re good to party! 

5) Best Patio Heater - Tripod Heat Storm Infrared Heater

Of all the products we’ve looked at, the Heat Storm Infrared Heater is the simplest to use and the fastest to set up. The best patio heaters are simple and functional to use. It takes barely 5 minutes to get this heater up and running. It comes with just a single on/off switch, making it super simple to use.

16 Inch Carbon Fiber Heat Element Radiates Warmth Up To 12 Feet Away

This heater doesn’t use a gas tank and is silent. It has a 16-inch carbon fiber heating element and reflectors that send the infrared rays outwards. It heats the space well and you might even feel its warmth at a distance of 12 feet. Though it can be used both outdoors and indoors, it’s ideal to use this in a workshop, or a patio. It has an IPX4 weather-resistance rating.

Adjustable tripod Stand From 3 to 6.5 Feet

This purchase includes a portable tripod that could be adjusted from 3 feet to 6.5 feet in height. The heater and the tripod together weigh 16 lb., making it ideal for use in workshops or garages where you may need to shift it around and adjust the height depending on your needs.

13 Foot Cord

It also includes a 13-foot cord, which allows you greater freedom to move the heater. But the cord is heavy and can feel extremely stiff.

Why Choose The Infrared Tripod Heater:

  • 5200 BTU of instant heat output
  • Tripod is fully adjustable up to 6. 5′,
  • Perfect choice for decks, Rv use, patios and garage situations
  • Weatherproof – IPX4 rated so perfectly safe in the rain

  • Enjoy the gentle rays of warming heat anytime of the year

Ideal for patio and deck parties, I telescope down to fold up and store away easily. Ideal source of extra heat for the RV, I’m super handy, easy and safe to use.

Choosing The Best Outside Heaters For Patio's, Decks And Garages

 Propane gas, wood burning or infrared patio heaters are fun and handy, adding and attractive element to ant outdoor setting. There is nothing nicer than sitting outside as the day draws to an end, enjoying a drink with a few nibbles in the peace of the outdoors, or, catching up with friends and enjoying a meal together.

Outside heaters for patios give you just that option of staying outdoors for longer. As the temperature drops you can throw another log on the fire, click the switch to fire up the heater if it’s propane gas fired and stay outdoor. The best outside heaters for the backyard, Rv use or patios are available in all different size and design options

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