Check Out The 5 Best 12 Volt Portable Car Heaters This Year

which are the Best 12 Volt Portable Car Heater to plug into cigarette lighter?

Looking for a great new 12 volt portable car heater?  Just know that not all car space heaters are made the same.  You want a range of portable car heater options that are affordable and safe from reputable manufacturers right? Well, how do you know if they even work…. Here are 5 of the best 12 volt portable car heaters with top reviews and ratings from reputable brands at an affordable price. And, they aren’t all what you may expect  So, let’s go though the car heaters that plug into lighters we recommend, and why.

Car Heaters

Brand Name


More Details

Car Heater / Defogger Defroster 12V 800W Car Heater Kit

4.5 / 5

12V Portable Car Heater or Fan - Cooling Car Space & Fast Heating Defrost Defogger

3.6 / 5

DC 12V Car Portable Defroster Demister Car 2 in 1 Heating/Cooling Function 3-Outlet Car Heater

5 / 5

KINGLETING 12-Volt Heated Seat Cushion with Intelligent Temperature Controller

4 / 5

Stalwart 12 Volt Blue Plaid Electric Blanket for Cars, RV's, Trucks and Sports Days

3.8 / 5

1) The Best 12 Volt Portable Car Heater Solution: Car Heater / Windshield Defogger Defroster 12V 800W Car Heater Kit  

We recommend this compact portable car heater because of its features and affordability. While it’s a fairly newish product on Amazon, there isn’t a lot of choice in portable car heater options which we were surprised at.

Economical Choice

This is an economical buy and gives you time before you need to get the heating system in your car or truck fixed. As we know, that can be expensive so it’s good to have options .

Best Plug In Car Defroster, Demister With Fan Plus 180 Degree Swivel Base

The heater is a compact sized cigarette lighter car heater that may be small in size but it is also very powerful.  It can act as a fan or a heater, depending on what you want and what you are comfortable with.  All you have to do is flip a switch and that’s it!  Not only that, you can use it to demist and defog foggy windows on those chilly cold mornings which are setting in.

180 Degree Swivel

The 180 degree swivel base means you can tilt the heater to where heat is needed, or a cooling stream of air movement when it’s hot. If you are looking for a top plug in heater for a truck, this brand may suit your needs.

Benefits of the 12 Volt Portable Car Heater:

  • Best plug in car defroster with 12 Volt heating cooling fan with defroster & demister
  • Direct hook up to your cigarette lighter socket
  • Switch from heating to cooling settings
  • Works well to demist fogged windows
  • Fan with Swivel Base to 180 degrees
  • 7.09 x 4.72 x 3.54 inches

Portable Car Heater, 12 Volt Car Heater Reviews

People’s 12 volt car heater reviews are overall positive with the efficiency of this little unit. It is fast to heat and works equally well as a fan in the hotter months. What more could you ask for in a portable car heater?  Not much in our opinion.

# Can Be Used Without The Car Running

Although you can run this car heater with the car turned off, it’s not recommended as you can run your battery down, so it is suggested that you only run the heater while the car is turned on, or, if you only plan on using the heater for a short amount of time.

Good Defroster Unit

This model is possibly the best portable car heater defroster option if you don’t have a car heater that works, especially when it’s cold, or looking for an alternative. The reviews are good on Amazon and you find it an affordable prices.

While there are a few other portable car heaters on the market, we have found this is a top rated 12v car heater that gets the job done. And that’s to keep you warm in winter as you travel and cool you in summer as the heat sets in.


2) 12V Portable Car Heater or Fan – Cooling Car Space & Fast Heating Defrost Defogger

This 12V Portable Car Heater or Fan works on very similar principles to the above unit featured above. This 12 volt portable car heater is an inexpensive solution to keeping your car warm when the weather is freezing cold outside. You do want to buy a cigarette lighter car heater that pumps out a broad band of warm air to warm the car interior. The manufacturer says 30 seconds is all it takes. You have the option to use it purely as a fan in summer to keep you cooler.

Car Heaters That Plug Into The Lighter

You can place this little car heater anywhere on your dashboard with the 47 inch cable provided. The cable plugs directly into the cigarette lighter and users approximately 150 W of power. The cable is a copper cable which the manufacturer says will not damage your battery or burn out the wiring,

making it one of the safer and best heaters for car cigarette lighters

3 Air Outlets Fan Warm Air Out To A Broader Area

This is actually a clever design as you have 2 important design elements. The first one features a 180° rotary holder which gives you plenty of choice in angles to direct the flow of warm air.

The second aspect is the 3 outlets pump out a larger volume of air efficiently and quickly. The unit is equipped with a high temperature heat outlet which is designed to ensure faster heating times. If you are looking to buy this model, we recommend reading portable car heater reviews of the heater as they are quite varied.

Benefits Of The  Portable Car Heater

  • This is the best heater for a car cigarette lighter, plugging directly into the socket, uses 150 W of power
  • Warms up your car in 30 seconds
  • Perfect for using in the car, caravanning and camping
  • 180° Rotary holder means you can adjust the stream of air coming from the heater
  • Works as a great fog and frost demister on your car windshield
  • Enjoy the stream of refreshingly cooler air on your face and body in the summer


3) DC 12V Car Portable Defroster Demister Car 2 in 1 Heater Warmer Cold Warm Wind Car Electronic Fan Heater Defroster Snow Melter Defogger

If you are looking to buy the best car heater that plugs into a cigarette lighter which is about the same cost as the 2 heaters featured above, you might like to consider this model. It offers you a much wider range of functions which may have a number of benefits for you. This is a top plug in heater for trucks, RVs and cars.

What Can This Car Heater Do?

The best 12 volt portable car heaters offer a number of functions as this unit does. As well as doing the basics of blowing out a stream of hot air to keep the interior of your car warm, it can defrost, prevent fog and melt snow. It also has an air purifier function to keep your car smelling fresh and nice, which is a good thing when they are closed up all the time overwinter. Additionally there are LED parking warning lights for safety.

Plugs Into Your 12 Volt Cigarette lighter

This is the best car heater that plugs into cigarette lighter. It’s so simple to use as it can be plugged straight into your cigarette lighter socket. Your car battery and wiring is protected with the pure copper cable which is designed to prevent burnout of the cigarette lighter, or draining the battery.

Use The Heater To Melt And Defrost Snow Off Your Windshield

There is a handle on the side of the heater which you can pop out and hold for melting snow off the windscreen. This is a clever design aspect which no other heater has. If you are wanting to purchase the best heater for car cigarette lighters to plugin which are multi functional, this is a good model. Again the other 2 models don’t offer air purifiers, LED warning lights or handles….

Benefits Of The Portable Car Heater

  • Quickly heats up the inside of your car
  • Works as a fan to keep you cool in summer
  • 10 be used outside the car to melt snow of the windshield- has a pop out handle for ease of use
  • Purify the air inside your car with the Air Purifier for a nice smelling car
  • LED lights work as safety lights
  • 12 Volt Heater as a copper cable to prevent battery and wiring damage


4) Kingleting 12-Volt Heated Car Seat with  Temperature Controller

You are probably thinking, now hold on a moment this isn’t a portable car heater with a fan. Obviously it isn’t, and I thought I’d give you another option to think about as these plush and soft as soft heated seat cushions are comfy and warm to sit on. Portable car heater reviews peg this seat cushion as fast to heat, reaching peak warmth in 2 minutes or less and the material finish gives a quality feel, plus the seat does not slip once installed.

Wouldn’t it be a luxurious experience to have the backs of your legs, bottom and back nicely warmed up as you drive off to work, or home after a long busy day at the office? Direct heat is very soothing for muscles and what a good way to relax ….

Carbon Fibre Wiring Disperses Even Heat

The Kingleting Cushion is a seat pad made of polyester and features carbon fibre wiring for evenly dispersed heat.

You can use the pad on most cars, RVs, boats and trucks as it has a universal fit. The 4.3 feet power cord is long enough to suit the majority of vehicles.

The Pad Is Easy To Install

The pad slips on top of your existing car seat and black elastic straps keep it securely in place. You just have to read other peoples reviews to see why they feel this is a top rated 12v car heater. Efficiency is a big one, comfort is another.

How Easy Is This? Plug Best 12 Volt Heated Car Seat In and Go!

All you need to do once you have strapped the electric car pad into place, is to plug it in. Plug it into the cigarette lighter outlet which is 12 volt DC outlet.

The heating controls are via a switch on the side of the control box. Choose from high or low heat settings which  allow you to control the heat settings. As soon as your vehicle is running, your heated seat cushion is turned on.

Benefits Of The Heated Car Heater:

  • Temperature ranges from 86F to 140F, taking only 2 minutes to heat up
  • Black elastic straps and hooks secure the cushion to your seat and under the seat to keep it securely in place
  • 4.3 Foot power cord
  • High/low/off  temperature controller for choosing heat comfort levels
  • Carbon fiber wiring throughout the pad gives even, and consistent heating very quickly
  • Plug in and go by accessing your vehicle’s 12 volt DC outlet
  • The pad is made from polyester material


5) Stalwart 12 Volt Blue Plaid Electric Blanket for Cars, RV’s, Trucks And…

It’s good to have choice isn’t it! Here is another idea for keeping warm and it’s very different to the above 4 options! How about a heated electric blanket which can be used to wrap around you in your car, truck and RV.

Are You A Sports Mom? You Are Going To Love The Best 12 Volt Electric Blanket For A Car!

Not only that, what if you are one of those moms who spend a lot of times ferrying kids around to sports events…. And how cold do you get waiting around? Now you can sit in comfort with your electric blanket wrapped around you and not end the day feeling chilled to the bone!

The Stalwart 12 volt electric blanket is designed from cosy soft, 100% polyester fleece which is so comfortable and functional and safe, keeping your seat warm when the temperature drops. And, it’s not just good for adults, this is the best 12 volt electric blanket for a car to keep your kids warm on long trips as the size is generous at 59 inches long and 43 inches wide. It’s wide enough to stretch across 2 front seats or cover the entire back seat of most cars, trucks and SUVs.


Some Final Thoughts On Choosing The Best 12 Volt Portable Car Heater For Your Needs…

When your car heater has died, and after you’ve finished cursing it when the garage has quoted an astronomical amount to fix it- what are you going to do. Begin by doing research, especially if you have a limited budget as there are quite a few models to choose from and you don’t want to buy a lemon! Make sure you can return the product if it doesn’t work as you expected, or worse, stops working after a while. Here are 10 creative ways to stay warm -alternative ideas!

An aspect to take into account is how large is the area to heat as a small car will heat up very quickly inside in comparison to a larger car. We suggest you read any reviews carefully to get a good understanding of the pros and cons of the brand. Always read the negative reviews so you can make an informed choice which is right for you. After all, we want you to feel satisfied you have bought the best 12 volt portable car heater for your needs!

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