Comfort Zone Infrared Heater: Are These Quality Infrared Heaters?

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Looking for quality reviews on the best Comfort Zone Infrared Heaters.?  We have you covered.  We took time to gather reviews on the best Comfort Zone Heaters on the web based on our high standards of criteria.  We know it can be exhausting finding the best infrared heater for 1000 square feet that will fit your price range.  With so many brands and models in the industry, it is very hard to figure out who is telling the truth and which heater is the best when every brand says the same thing.

Let’s take a look at the top 2 Comfort Zone Infrared Heaters on the market. Without wishing to disappoint you, despite these heaters being quite popular, we think you could certainly find better, more reliable models which are truly the best infrared heaters for 1000 square feet.

1) Very Affordable –  Comfort Zone Infrared Heater

Comfort Zone Infrared Heaters have quite a distinctive square cut design to them. Our first choice in range of the most affordable Comfort Zone Infrared Heater is the Comfort Zone Infrared Quartz Heater.  For a little under eighty bucks, you get a quality heater from a quality brand that is proven to provide quality heat for years.

12 Hour Auto Timer with 59°-86° Degree Heat Range

Equipped with a 12 hour auto timer for energy saving and a 59-86 degree setting, this heater will do some major energy savings.  While taking a look at the reviews we noticed some stellar reviews but we also noticed a few things that seem to bother a few people.

Benefits of the Comfort Zone Infrared Heater:

  • 12-hour auto-on/auto-off timer
  • 6 High powered Quartz Infrared emitters plus 3 cooper heat exchangers
  • Fan-forced for wide heat dispersion
  • Galvanized intereior heat chamber
  • Digital thermostat with 59°-86° Fahrenheit range
  • Full functional remote control
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Safety tip-over cut-off switch
  • Whisper quiet operation, Casters are not included

6 High Powered, Fan Forced Quartz Infrared Emitters

Comfort Zone Infrared Heater features 6 high power, fan forced quartz infrared emitters with 3 cooper heat exchangers, along with a wide heat dispersion function. While people said that they did enjoy the heat, we did notice that a few reviews stated that the noise coming from it was quite annoying.  While this may be a nuisance, it would be up to you.

Some people claimed that it was quiet and didn’t notice the clicking.  Again, if small things seem to bother you, I would look at another option.

Portable With Solid Attractive Wood Exterior

The exterior wooden case, while looking very solid and heavy, is actually very easy to move around, and from room to room. This way you can warm up the rooms you want to easily with the 3413 BTUs output. A long, 6′ cord gives you choice of a number of positions in the room.
best comfort zone infrared heater


2) Most Powerful Comfort Zone Infrared Heater

” The Cherry “


comfort zone infrared heater

Next is the Cherry Comfort Zone Infrared Quartz Heater. Now although this heater is almost twice as expensive than our first reviewed Comfort Zone Infrared Heater, this one is more efficient and more powerful.  It has many of the same features as the first one but the style and materials used in construction are superior in the Comfort Zone Cherry Heater.

As far as the reviews go, there was a lot of solid positive reviews but there were ( as always with any product) a few negative reviews. The positive reviews were all raving about the heater, with 56% of customers giving it 4 star plus positive reviews.

The negative reviews were regarding the thermostat being off.  Some claim that the thermostat is off a few degrees or so.  While this might not be a big deal it could be some sort of alarming.  Again, it is your choice so you be the judge, but it might be something to take into account.

Benefits Of The Cherry Comfort Zone Infrared Quartz Heater:

  • 6 high power quartz infrared emitters with 3 cooper heat exchangers
  • Quality furniture grade timber in the cabinet
  • Deluxe swivel casters
  • 12 Hour auto on/off timer
  • Easy to read, backlit LCD display and full function remote
  • Fan-forced heat dispersion
  • Digital thermostat with 59°-86° Fahrenheit option range
  • 12-hour auto on/auto off timer
  • Safety tip-over cut-off switch
  • Whisper quiet operation


portable quartz infrared heater

Comfort Zone Infrared Heater Overview

While there were some good reviews, there were also some not so good reviews when it came to  choosing a Comfort Zone Infrared Heater.  If you can’t get passed those negative reviews, we suggest looking at some of our other reviews to take a look at some more popular infrared heaters with better ratings. Learn more on how and what is an infrared heater here

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