Duraflame Williams Portable Heater W/ 6 infrared-Quartz Elements

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Quality All The Way With A Duraflame Williams Portable Heater

A portable infrared heater is a welcome addition to any home or room. There are many different design styles to choose from with many of them made to look as if they were always part of your home décor and the Duraflame Williams Portable Heater is no exception.

We will look at why this infrared heater gets so many great reviews and what people like best about it. With a 4.1 out of 5 star rating with over 170 reviews and include Duraflame’s reputation for quality, this is a heater you know will get the job done

Duraflame have manufactured heaters for over 40 years and are constantly testing to improve heater performance and quality as well as emissions levels for health and safety.

Benefits of the Duraflame Williams Portable Heater:

  • Arrives fully assembled, ready to heat
  • Uses 6 infrared-Quartz heating elements with heat exchanger and copper alloy
  • Built from solid hardwoods and real wood veneers
  • Concealed furniture quality casters for portability
  • The 10QI071ARA has a master reset which takes the unit back to manufacturer default
  • Heat output: 5,200 BTUs
  • Infrared heating elements lifetime is over 20,000k hours
  • Sleek, designer styling incorporates beautiful picture frame, mitered style, half round moldings

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The Duraflame Williams Portable Heater…

The portable infrared heater manufactured by Duraflame Williams as the Duraflame Williams Portable Heater, Model No. 10HM4126-0107 is a classy looking heating unit. It has a solid hardwood exterior and features real wood veneers as part of the design.

This portable infrared heater looks like a high-end piece of wood furniture and is attractive enough to sit in any room setting and fit right in.

What makes it one of the best portable infrared heaters is that it uses a total of six infrared-quartz heating elements with a heat exchanger.

The front face of the unit that surrounds the heater features crafted picture frame styling with half round mouldings with touch button controls that are easy to use and easy to understand. The built-in filter can be removed and cleaned with a vacuum and the complete unit sits on concealed quality furniture casters which enable it to be moved in any direction.


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The Duraflame Williams Portable Heater, Model No. 10HM4126-0107 uses a standard 120-volt outlet and is ready to use as soon as it is unpacked. It is rated at a power output of 1,500 watts with an actual heat output of 5,200 BTUs. In other words, this Duraflame Williams portable infrared heater can easily warm up a 1,000 square foot space in minutes.
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What Others Have To Say About The Duraflame Williams…

Based on online reviews, the Duraflame Williams Portable Heater is considered one of the best portable infrared heaters available. The beautiful visual design and styling first catches your attention and then the simple, yet effective controls come next. The fact that the infrared heater elements are projected to last 20,000 hours in their lifetime means any user of this product will get years of use out of it.

The most interesting feature of this portable infrared heater is the fact that it has an internal memory. This means that if you set it to heat a room at 65F and eventually shut the unit off for the day, then turn it back on to use again, it will remain set at 65F.

Other heating units, as mentioned by an online reviewer, automatically switch back to a factory default heat setting once turned off. Other features that received comments include how quiet this large heater is when in operation and that it cools quickly once the desired temperature is reached.

The Health Benefits of Infrared Heat…

Infrared heat is produced by the invisible light spectrum. The very same light rays that come from the sun and warm you on a bright sunny day are infrared heat waves. In fact, we are surrounded by infrared light rays on a daily basis. For example, the heat that radiates from the sidewalk or street on a hot day is from infrared light rays. Our bodies emit and absorb infrared light heat throughout a typical day.

There are many health benefits that result from infrared heat. As the heat from infrared light can penetrate deep into your skin, you warm up quickly. When your body heats up you begin to perspire. The perspiration forces harmful toxins from your body which are responsible for a variety of health issues.

Removing those toxins, which come from various sources including the air we breathe and the food we eat, leads to better health. When your body heats up it makes your heart work harder and this can assist with weight loss as well as improving circulation. All of these benefits can come from using an infrared heater.

Our Review Of The Duraflame Williams Portable Heater

If you’ve been looking for an infrared heating alternative to gas that is big, beautiful and powerful, you need to take a good, hard look at the Duraflame Williams Portable Heater. It is well built, has many functions that are easy to use and can heat up a very large space in a home. The use of infrared heating elements is also cost and energy efficient. If you are looking for a portable infrared heater this could be your best choice.

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