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What Makes An EdenPURE Heater Different? EdenPURE have been designing and creating infrared heaters for many years, having sold over 4 million heaters. They have a reputation for excellent customer service, fast order processing and they pride themselves on the quality of their space heaters, consistently working on utilizing the latest cutting edge technology when it becomes available into each EdenPURE heater across the board.

The two EdenPURE heaters we are reviewing today feature plenty of positive feedback with 4.1 star plus loads of positive reviews.

1) EdenPURE Gen2 Pure Infrared Heater

First off we have the EdenPURE A5095 Gen2 Pure Infrared Heater, a compactly designed, bookshelf styled, infrared space heater which heats  larger areas up to 1000 sq feet.

Rather Funky Retro Appearance

It has an attractive design, quite retro we think, with its two tones of black and wood paneling veneer. The EdenPURE Gen2 space heater is designed with the latest technology, comfort features and safety inclusions to provide you with years of use and reliability.

PTC Heating Element Out Lasts Normal Infrared Bulbs

The PTC heating element generates powerful waves of comfortable and safe infrared heat. PTC stands for Positive Temperature Coefficient heating element. They are especially manufactured from ceramic stones which are a highly efficient source of heat. They are super durable and outperform the classic infrared bulbs found in other space heaters.

These PTC heating elements are built to last 80,000 hours. This means in everyday terms, you can power up your EdenPURE heater and run it for 24 hours a day, from 9 years straight. Impressed? We are.

Self Regulating Heater Never Overheats

Another benefit of the EdenPURE space heater, is it is a self-regulating heater. It will never get hotter than the temperature you set it to, making it perfectly safe for any room in your house and especially if you have children and pets. They will never get burnt. During the warmer months, the EdenPURE heater can be run on the fan setting only, keeping you cool when its hot outside. A nice option for those hot summer nights when sleep is elusive!

Remote Control  Included

Included is a remote control for ease of use. There is an option to upgrade to an air purification kit which includes a Hepa filter and UV light for those suffering allergies.

Benefits of the EdenPure heater:

  • Space saving, compact heater heats up to 1000 square feet
  • Infrared PTC ceramic heating technology
  • Six-foot cord
  • Auto on and off setting
  • Electronic thermostat with digital display
  • Inbuilt recessed handles for portability
  • Remote control
  • Rated at 5000 Btu
  • Dimensions — 9.75” High x 11.5” Wide x 15.25” Deep

best Edenpure Heater


2) EdenPURE Heater GEN4 1000 Portable Space Heater

EdenPURE Model US 1000 Portable Electric Space Heater
An EdenPure GEN4 heater is an ideal solution for rooms which are cold due to inadequate heating and are perfect for zone heating. There is no point in wasting money on heating up rooms which don’t get used, such as guest rooms, bathrooms and studies.

Zone heating has been proven to produce additional energy savings of more than 20% in comparison to heating the whole house.

Completely Updated Design

This model has been completely overhauled, incorporating the latest cutting edge technology in infrared heating with specially designed infrared bulbs with the existing EdenPURE copper heating chamber. This produces far more efficient heating.

The new design improves the way the air flows around infrared bulbs and copper heating chambers, giving you a much more powerful heating performance, which again saves money on rising heat cost. They have actually patented this technology which is called the EdenFLOW Direct Air Technology.

Heats Up To 1000 sq ft

Because this infrared space heater is designed to be portable to heat up to 1000 ft.², it is equipped with a durable set of castor wheels for portability. It really is a great option for heating any area of your home or even the office quickly and cheaply.

Benefits Of The EdenPURE GEN4 1000 Space Heater:

  • Heats up to 1000 square feet Generation 4 infrared heater
  • Sylvania quartz infrared heat elements
  • Patented heat exchange design has 3 solid copper heat exchangers
  • Patented “EdenFLOW Direct Air” technology
  • 6 foot cord
  • Remote control
  • Durable castors portability
  • Dimensions — 16” High x 13” Wide x 19” Deep


infrared heater for large spaces


We Also Recommend These 2 Affordable Space Heaters

1) Dr Infrared Heater PTC Quartz Portable Space Heater

We highly recommend this Dr Heater on a regular basis in our reviews.  We have reviewed this heater many times and for many great reasons.  This infrared space heater is a reliable, affordable and durable performer with over 2874+ reviews on Amazon.  Wow!

Dr Heater has a 4.3 plus out of 5 star ratings with many customer giving it a thumbs up. At under $100, its considerably less inexpensive than the EdenPURE heater range.

Like to read our indepth review of our favorite heater, Click here- The DR Infrared Quartz heater


energy saving space heater


2) iLiving Infrared Portable Space Heater


The iLIVING infrared space heater is portable heater which is great for warming any indoor space up to 1000 square feet. It has been designed with tons of features: such as the 12 hour automatic shut off timer, the front panel pushbutton controls, the dual heating system with both an infrared quartz tube as well as PTC technology, the auto energy saving mode, plus high and low settings, a remote control and more…

This infrared heater has over 451+reviews on Amazon with tons of stellar reviews. The price is of this heater is very affordable right now for keeping you warm this winter

The iLiving infrared space heater has been freshly redesigned for performance. iLiving have upgraded the heat system as well as the blower technology. Please read our full review right here.

cheapest infrared heater on sale


Closing Thoughts On And EdenPURE Heater

An EdenPURE heater is quite possibly an excellent investment. The company has sold millions of space heaters and are constantly incorporating the newest heating technologies into their products. As always with any infrared heater you are looking at purchasing, make sure that you read the reviews people have left on Amazon. These are people who have had a real life experience and a happy to share how they felt about their EdenPURE heater.


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