Honeywell Space Heater: HZ-7200 Cool Touch Oscillating Heater

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The Honeywell Cool Touch Hz-7200 Oscillating Heater

Honeywell has been designing some of the best space heaters on the market, building up a solid brand reputation over the years for quality, reliable and efficient space heaters.  In this review, we will recommend the Honeywell Cool Touch Oscillating Heater w/ Smart Energy Digital Control Plus, HZ-7200, a Honeywell space heater that has been a customer favorite for years.  Our reviews are based on Amazon ratings, reviews, affordability and efficiency features of the heater.  Find out which Honeywell space heater made the list as the best.

Honeywell Space Heater; The Cool Touch Hz-7200 Reviews


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By combing through the reviews, we noticed that people loved the fact that it was small which makes this Honeywell very portable.  Use it in almost any room at any time and you shouldn’t have a problem with its inbuilt safety features.

This heater is designed to save you 35% off your Winter heating bill with its 6 heat settings. When the room temperature reaches that set on the heater, it will automatically lower the power consumption to provide consistent heat without unnecessary  power consumption. It features a slim line design for space saving.  If you would like some energy saving tips this season, click here

Well this Honeywell space heater was designed with safety in mind as there is an auto-off switch as well as overheat protection so you wont have to worry about your families safety. It also will self regulate itself based on whatever temperature you set so it won’t overheat.

Benefits of the Honeywell Space Heater:

  • 6 Heat settings- frost watch” – 65 F. – 70 F. – 75 F. – 80 F. – maximum heat
  • Self regulates the electricity flow based on consumer set temperature
  • LED lights accurately indicate room temperature
  • Cool Touch housing with an extra-wide sturdy base for security and stability
  • Auto-off tip over safety switch with overheat protection
  • 0.51 inches x 0.32 inches x 0.45 inches.
  • 3 Year Warranty


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Affordability of The Honeywell Cool Touch Hz-7200

Most of the space heaters we recommend are always affordable and this Honeywell space heater is no different.  For a very affordable cost, you can get a super high quality heater that is safe and hip pocket friendly.  Most similar heaters from other brands can run you upwards of about $100plus.

Raving Reviews Of The Honeywell Space Heater

As mentioned above, this Honeywell Space Heater had the most reviews on Amazon and the highest reviews out of any other Honeywell space heaters.  While there may have been more powerful ones and more affordable ones, there really wasn’t one that we could recommend as we need to read what real life customers said about it.

As we can see this heater lives up to its popularity, and with over 235 plus, 4.3 star reviews with 71% of customers being very happy, it’s a great portable space heater, saving you money.

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Overview Of The Honeywell Space Heater Cool Touch Hz-7200

While we could have recommended a few more Honeywell heaters, we really couldn’t find any that compared to the affordability and features as this one.  Combine that with consumer reviews that were through the roof and not mention tons of them, we found it hard to recommend any other Honeywell space heater because honestly there is no other space heater that can compare.


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