Infrared Heater Reviews – These 3 Are #1 Best Sellers Today

Finding the right infrared heater can be quite exhausting and that is why we have compiled unbiased infrared heater  reviews on our top picks of the best heaters on the market.  By reading our reviews, we hope you find the right choice.  We take a look at 3 different  best selling infrared heaters and compare them on quality, price & reviews.

Firstly I would like to clarify a thing about infrared heaters. They will NOT heat up your entire house.  They are designed to heat up a particular space within your house, such as the living room, or your bedroom.

They will in fact warm your entire room of course, however, they will not warm your house.  We noticed the people who left negative reviews  felt that the heater should, or will heat the entire house. When it doesn’t, they still use their furnace to heat up their house, hence  they are outraged and don’t see a drop in their heating bill.

Keep in mind that every infrared heater is technically a “space heater” and will save you money because you won’t be using your regular furnace to heat up the whole house anymore.  Lets dive in and take a look at our infrared heater reviews of our top 3 choices of heaters for this year.

1) Cheapest – Lifesmart Medium Room Infrared Heater Reviews



An Infrared Heater With The Highest Amount Of Reviews

Our top choice while researching for our infrared heater reviews article, was the ever popular LifeSmart brand, the LifeSmart Medium Room Infrared Heater because, not only was it one of the most inexpensive infrared heater on the market,  it was also one of the highest rated with the most reviews on Amazon.

The Lifesmart Medium Room Heater can heat up to 800 square feet and comes with a remote so you can place this heater almost anywhere in the house and control the heating settings. We found that this was definitely a huge bonus.

Infrared Heater Reviews: Features Of The LifeSmart Heater:

  • Provides comforting infrared warmth to a medium room
  • 3 Metal wrapped quartz infrared elements
  • 3 Energy saving heat settings, including 500 Watt Eco Setting, heats smaller rooms to 68F
  • Stylish designer black fireproof cabinet
  • Compact design for portability
  • Large digital Thermostat with remote
  • Dual timer settings- turn heater on up to 12 hours ahead
  • Quiet Scroll Fan Circulates Heat
  • Lifetime Air Filter

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It also comes with 3 energy saving settings so you don’t waste any electricity when you are not using it for heating purposes.

At a pretty amazingly low price the Lifesmart Compact Power Plus is definitely a top money saver this winter and we also found the lowest price on Amazon.

2) Best Seller – Dr Infrared Heater: Infrared Heater Reviews



Our next review is the Dr Infrared Heater which happens to be the best seller according to Amazon.

Over 1,903 plus reviews, with 78% of buyers giving the heater 4.3 plus stars out of 5, this infrared heater is a proven winner. Not only is it a best seller, it is super affordable at a 60% discount as well as a total energy and money saver.

Now, this heater can heat up to 1,000 sq. feet with settings from 65-85 degrees.  This heater can produce more than 60% more than other comparable models on the market at this price.

Benefits of The Dr Infrared Heater:

  • Available in 3 choices- Dr Infrared Heater, The Combo pack with 2 heaters and the Dr Heater with an inbuilt humidifier
  • Designed in USA with advanced dual heating system. High and low temperature settings range 50 to 85 degree
  • 1500W Advanced dual heating systems increase the heat transfer rate, evenly heating up to 1,000 square feet
  • Pumps out 60% more heat than the other models
  • No exposed heating elements
  • Overheating, Cut Off and Tip Over Protection System
  • Dr heater with humidifier produces cooling mist to increase humidity in the dry winter air

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Slash Winter Heating Bills W/ These Dr  Infrared Heater Reviews


While it will produce more heat than the standard models, it will most likely save you more money producing that amount of energy as compared to a normal furnace heater.

While researching reviews on Amazon, it is common to see savings on heating bills within the first month.  For a price that cannot be beat on Amazon for a safe infrared heater from a trusted brand, the Dr Heater Quartz Infrared Heater comes in as our #2 choice for infrared heater reviews.
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3) Energy Saver – iLiving Infrared Portable Space Heater w/ Duel Heating System

Quite possibly one of the mostpopular infrared heaters on the market, the iliving Infrared Space Heater was specifically designed with saving money in mind.  The fact is infrared heaters save you money because they only heat up specific rooms, and not the entire house, so you won’t be spending money on heating areas of your house not in use.

The Iliving Space Heater was made to heat up to 1,000 sq. feet just like our last infrared heater review, but comes with an automatic 12 hour shut off timer, auto energy saving mode, dual heating system.

Benefits of the Iliving Space Heater:

  • Freshly re-designed Dual Heating System pumps out double the hot air than other models
  • Re-designed blower technology means the iLIVING heater is extremely quiet with noise level at 39 dB
  • Tip-Over and Overheat Protection Systems ensures the safety
  • Auto Energy Saving Mode, High and Low Setting
  • Auto Energy Saving Mode with electronic thermostat heats to 50 to 86 degree heat range
  • 12hr automatic shut-off timer
  • 4 EZ caster wheels for portability
  • Washable Lifetime filter

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One common element we noticed in reading through all the reviews is how many people enjoyed the power and heat output of this model, as well as appreciating the unique and fashionable look this infrared heater provided.

While some of the other infrared heaters on the market look basic and unattractive, this heater features  solid wood, walnut cabinetry with a picture frame molding around the outside and will suit any home decor. Many people also use it as a side table

If you are looking for this heater at the best price, we found Amazon offers the most affordable deal on this heater.  You can also read the reviews if you have any other questions about the iLiving Infrared Heater. People have left many, very detailed iLiving infrared heater reviews on their positive experience
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Infrared Heater Reviews, What Did You Think?

We have compiled these infrared heater reviews in order to compare the best infrared heaters on the market, based on the above factors.  While there are other infrared heaters on the market, we have found these 3 are the best, based on those factors.  We try to be objective with all of our reviews and the 3 popular infrared heaters listed above are the current best sellers.

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