Best Infrared Space Heater – Top 2 Choices For Slashing Bills

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Infrared space heaters can be quite the energy and money saver nowadays and with recent upgrades in technology and safety, many people are looking for the best infrared space heater on the market. While there are tons of brands with tons of different models, we decided to compress all that research and guesswork into our reviews of the best infrared space heaters. Usually we review 3-4 of the top heaters on the market, but today we are going to review only 2 infrared space heaters because honestly, we have yet to find any better for the price and reviews on Amazon.

1) Best Seller– Dr Infrared Heater Quartz+PTC Portable Infrared Space Heater


Infrared Space Heater

Designed and created by Dr Infrared Heater which is quite possible one of the most reputable brands on the market, this infrared space heater was our favorite because firstly, it is the best selling infrared heater on the market. If it can become a best seller, it has to be good for a reason.

Secondly, it has 4.3 out of 5 star reviews with over 2,554 reviews. While researching the reviews, it was easy to see why this quite possibly is the best infrared space heater on the market. Dr Heater is known to produce 60% more heat while saving money with amazing heating saving technology.

Outstanding Features Of The Dr Heater Space Heater:

  • 77% of Amazon reviews were 4 star and over
  • Advanced dual heating system combines PTC and Quartz Infrared Heating elements  engineered and designed in the USA
  • High velocity low noise blower ensures rapid heating of your space up to 1,000 square feet within minutes
  • Saves up to 50 % on heating bills with 1500W with high and low temperature Settings range 50 to 85 degree
  • The Dr. HeaterTM advanced dual heating systems increase the heat transfer rate
  • The updated Dr Space Heater produces an additional 60% more heat than the other models in the market
  • Great supplemental heating source
  • Perfectly safe around the children and pets with no exposed heating elements
  • Overheat Cut Off and Tip Over Protection System
  • Manufactured by the same factory that supplies heaters to Sears and Home Depot

Heats Up To 1000 Square Feet

The Dr Infrared Heater can heat up to 1,000 square feet and temperatures range from 65 -85 degrees. This heater is  known for saving energy and in saving you money. While comparable models can possibly cost almost twice as much as this Dr Infrared Heater, Amazon has the lowest prices on this Infrared Portable Space Heater. We suggest taking a look and checking it out for yourself.

Cons – The only cons we found is that it is a tad bit more pricey then some of the other infrared space heaters we review but in reality, this heater wont be costing you too much.

top rated infrared space heater reviews


2) Lifesmart Compact Power Plus 800 Sq Ft Infrared Space Heater w/Remote


Lifesmart Life Pro Medium Room Infrared Space Heater

Firstly, don’t take this Lifesmart Life Pro infrared space heater as being cheap because it may be inexpensive but it is not cheap. We firstly thought for a price like this, it can’t quite possible live up to all that hype. However, we were wrong.

Cheapest Entry Level Infrared Space Heater

This infrared space heater is perfect for those just looking to get the best entry level infrared heater but one they can trust will last them. While it isn’t the best infrared heater on the market, it is possible the best infrared space heater for its money.

We have yet to find an infrared more inexpensive and with as many reviews as the Lifesmart Compact Power Plus 800 Square Foot Infrared Heater.

Benefits  Of The Lifesmart Pro Infrared Space Heater:

  • Provides Infrared heating in rooms of a medium size
  • Energy saving heat settings with a 500 Watt Eco Setting
  • 12 Hour Start / Stop Timer
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Digital Thermostat with large remote
  • Quiet Scroll Fan Circulates Heat
  • Lifetime Air Filter

Many people Saved Money On Their Heating Bills In The First Month

One thing we noticed in researching the reviews was that many people thought they actually saved money within the first month! For something this inexpensive, that is a steal.

Have A remote Control Is A Bonus

Another thing we noticed is that having a remote to change the settings on the heater was a huge bonus because we all like to enjoy our heat while relaxing. If for some reason we need more heat, who wants to get up and change it especially when we are so cozy! I know this is a small bonus, but people seem to love it!


The only cons we have found with this infrared space heater is the style and look of this heater. It just doesn’t look all that amazing. While it isn’t exactly ugly, I think they could have done a better design or updated its look to be a little more stylish, especially compared to some of the other models on the market made with quality maple. Our only guess is that they didn’t use the wood because it costs more to build and would increase the price of the product.

best infrared space heater reviews


Closing Thoughts On The Best Infrared Space Heater For You….

When you are looking to choose the best infrared space heater for your needs, first work out your budget, what size space heater you will need for the room size and make sure you read the reviews on Amazon from people who have bought the infrared space heater.


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