Lifesmart Life Pro Large Room Heater With 6 Infrared Quartz Elements

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Looking to find one of the most efficient Lifesmart heaters at a great price with free delivery? Now the weather is cooling down and winter is on the way, our thoughts turn to keeping warm cost effectively. The Lifesmart range of infrared heaters are well known for their quality and efficiency in running costs, as well as their smart design features. Lifesmart infrared heater reviews are overall generally positive in cost efficiency  and heating abilities.
We think the Lifesmart Life Pro Large Room Heater w 6 Infrared Elements covers many aspects of what people looking for in a good efficient infrared heater for the cooler weather ahead. Now, if you prefer the look of a fireplace, Lifesmart make a great infrared fireplace heater

Save Money, More Heat With The Best Electric  Infared Heater : Lifesmart

The Lifesmart range of infrared heater are amongst the best infrared heaters on the market. Infrared heating is much cheaper than electric or gas heating and tests have shown Lifesmart infrared heaters to be 38% more efficient than fan forced electric heaters and a huge 66% more efficient than propane gas!

This Lifesmart large room 6 element infrared heater w remote features 6 Quartz infrared elements which are wrapped in a metal heat exchanger coil. A super quiet scroll motor fan gently distributes heat throughout the room. Additionally, there is a lifetime air filter as well as a 5 year warranty on all components which is much longer than most other brands.

Benefits of the Lifesmart Life Pro Large Room Heater:

  • The best electric infrared heater for larger areas such as a 1000sq feet room
  • 6 infrared quartz elements wrapped in a metal heat exchanger for increased efficiency
  • 3 Heat energy saving settings including 500 Watt Eco Setting. Eco setting lets you heat smaller areas to 68 degrees using just 500 watts.
  • 12 Hour Start and Stop Timer
  • Stylish 2 Tone Wood Cabinet
  • EZ Glide casters
  • Digital Thermostat with large control
  • Quiet Scroll Fan Circulates Heat
  • Size: 17.6 inches x 14 inches x 12.7 inches
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New Large Remote Control For The Lifesmart Life Pro Large Room Heater


Lifesmart Life Pro Large Room HeaterThe folk at Lifesmart have designed a smart remote control to to operate the Digital thermostat, allowing you the ultimate control. You can change heat settings from the comfort of your lounge chair, or, you can set the Lifesmart Life Pro Large Room Heater to turn on or turn off, up to 12 hours in advance.

After spending a long winters day away from home, just think how lovely it would be to walk into a cosy, warm and welcoming living room…

The stylish 2 tone, solid, all wood cabinet is stained in a rich brown Quakers town shade of oak and feels very solid. This infrared heater stays cool to the touch because of the heat exchanger coils.

Portability In The Lifesmart Life Pro Large Room Heater…

Four EZ glide castor’s help you easily move this portable infrared heater from room to room where you need the heat to be.

Another bonus, Lifesmart large room 6 element infrared heater w remote arrives on your doorstep fully assembled, you don’t even need to attach the EZ Glide castor’s

Infrared space heating is very popular amongst people who suffer from severe allergies and for those with multiple chemical sensitives. Infrared heaters are the perfect heater when you have small children and animals as they remain cool to the touch and have a safety cut out switch if they happen to tip over.

Final Thoughts on the Lifesmart Life Pro Large Room Heater with 6 Infrared Quartz Elements

Because far infrared technology does not heat the air of the room directly, it is important to maximize the exposure of available surfaces which then re-emit the warmth to provide an even all round ambient warmth when it is cold outside. The Lifesmart Life Pro Large Room Heater with its 6 infrared quartz heating elements makes it a good choice for heating larger areas, as well as bedrooms, studies, office areas and garages.

Here are some other designs in Lifesmart range of electric heaters

Anywhere really where you need a good heater to use which won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Lifesmart make a practice of incorporating the latest cutting edge technologies to keep their infrared heaters reliable, durable and you cut the cost of heating bills. Lifesmart infrared heater reviews are overall quite positive on the effectiveness of this fairly classic model.

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