#1 Safe Space Heater Recommendation: Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Heater

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Space heaters come along way in terms of safety and we are very pleased to have such safe space heaters where we don’t have to worry our family or home is endangered.  While there have been advances in safety technology, there are still some heaters out there that are not as safe as others.

We have several recommendations on the best safe space heaters and why you should think about purchasing those recommended over some others that might be not so safe.

Our recommendations are based on manufacturers as well as Amazon reviews and ratings of these heaters as well as the safety technology of the heater itself. Current space heater reviews point to the Lasko CD09250 being both a reliable and effective heater for smaller spaces.

#1 Safe Space Heater, The Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Heater

Our #1 recommended space heater based on safety as well as other aspects, is the Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Heater.  This was our first choice based the many reviews on Amazon with high satisfaction ratings. Lasko is a safe, well know brand which has been a round for many years.

Top-of-the-line safety, energy efficiency and performance is essential when you are purchasing an electric space heater. There’s no reason whatsoever to settle for anything less than the best  when it comes to the performance of your own electric space heater. Even small space heater solutions should be able to produce close to 1500 W high heat settings (and it’s even better if they offer variable technology as well).

Not only does that space heater have 1500 W heating capabilities when set to high, it also has 900 W heating capabilities when set to blow – and even includes a “fan only” option if you’re just looking to quietly move a bit of air around.

Benefits of the Lasko CD09250 Space Heater:

  • Perfect heating solution for small spaces. Can sit unobtrusively on a tabletop, on the floor, or popped under the desk to keep your legs warm
  • Available in Silver or Black to suit your decor…
  • 1500-watt high setting, 900-watt low setting, and fan-only option
  • Self-regulating ceramic element for greater safety when left on for long periods of time
  • Nice quiet operation when working so you don’t hear the fan whirring loudly
  • Automatic overheat turnoff switch protection for safety
  • 3 Year warranty
  • Size: 5.75″ X 7″ x 9.2″
best space heater for small spaces

Protection Switches Auto Turn Off The Heater

This heater safety mechanisms in place to ensure there will be no overheating or malfunction issues which may cause a fire.  The Lasko Heater comes with an automatic overheat protection which will shut off when it reaches a certain heating level.  We all forget things and the last thing we won’t want to forget, is turning off our heater.  Luckily with this model, you needn’t worry.

Self Regulating Ceramic Element

Another reason is that is has a self-regulating ceramic element to ensure that the heater does not overheat.  This is definitely a major function that makes this one of the safest space heaters on the market.  And did we mention the cool-touch housing? Remember the old heaters that could actually burn you? If your child or pet accidentally touches the casing, they won’t get burned them. portable safe indoor heater

The Safe Heater: Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Heater Overview

While there are other safe space heaters on the market, for a space heater which is portable, efficient and fast to heat, it would be hard to really beat this one.  The 3 year warranty is reassuring, plus all the inbuilt safety features Let us know what you guys think.  We hope you found the safe space heater you were looking for.

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