Quartz Infrared Heater Reviews – A Must Read

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Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater, 1500-WattWith winter slowly creeping in, those of you are probably looking for an alternative solution to your furnace heating for a number of reasons and quartz infrared heaters are looking like the best alternative.  Firstly, a quartz infrared infrared heater will save you money, just depends on how you use it and which model you use.  Not all quartz infrared heaters are equal and some you should stay clear of while others will quite possibly be the best investment you have made this year.  Secondly, you need to to understand how the quartz infrared heaters work.

Portable quartz infrared heaters work by heating up a specific space within a house like your living room or bed room.  They do not heat up your entire house.  You save money by not having to use your furnace heater because you are warming up specific areas.  Get it?  Got it, good!  Let us take a look at some quartz infrared heater reviews.

quartz infrared heaterBest Seller & Money Saver – Dr Infrared Quartz +PTC Infrared Portable Space Heater

Our #1 choice for the best infrared quartz heater on the market goes to the Dr Infrared Quartz Space Heater and for a good reason.  One of our most reviewed heater, the Dr Infrared Quartz Heater is by far the best money saver especially for a heater which has such an affordable price.

Known to produce up to 60% more heat than rival brands and models, this quartz heater will surely save you energy and slash that nasty heating bill for this winter.  Can also heat up to 1,000 square feet which should be perfect for almost any room.

While it will not heat up your entire house, it will sure make those chilly nights much more comfortable and enjoyable.  There is a lot of extra safety mechanisms that go into place to ensure that your family and children are safe.  It will not produce any toxins and is extremely quiet.  While it won’t toast your home it will surely warm up any room to around 85 degrees and can be easily adjusted to the most comfortable setting.

Dr Infrared Space Heater Is Stylish

Another great thing about this heater compared to other infrared quartz heaters is the design and look is quite nice.  Some of the other infrared heaters we noticed on the market were just plain ugly looking.  Why set up an ugly heater in your home?  It kind of ruins the purpose doesn’t it?

Well, this heater looks quite nice with a stylish stained wood look.  If you are looking for extra heat and an extra stylish look, this quartz infrared heater will do the work. Besides the stylish look, it is small and portable so you can move this bad boy anywhere throughout the house.  You can only be in one room at a time right?  Then this heater can go just about anywhere you go and heat it up to that perfect temperature too!

Tons Of Reviews & High Ratings

What really enticed us to review this heater was the high ratings and tons of reviews on Amazon.  How could you really tell if all the hype was true?  That is where Amazon’s review system comes into play.  We looked at dozens of reviews and with a 4 star out of 5 star rating, the Dr Infrared Heater Quartz + PTC Portable Space Heater was just asking to be reviewed. So it turns out that people just love this heater and not only because of the price and look, but because it actually works.  So… Save some money on your next heating bill and provide some extra comfort in your home today!  Check out Amazon for the lowest price on the Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater.

One thing that we thought highly was the safety standards of the Dr Infrared Quartz Heater. We would be surely surprised if this quartz infrared heater did not satisfy your needs.  In all honesty, if this one didn’t I don’t know if any would!  Just kidding! We hope you enjoyed our infrared quartz heater reviews and we wish you luck on your quest to finding that right infrared heater.  Take care!

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