7 Top Infrared Fireplace Heaters For A Chilly Winter

Hurry, winter is coming fast and it is starting to get quite chilly.  Choosing one of the top infrared fireplace heaters may be at the top of your “to do” list as knowing you’ll be kept toasty warm is looking very nice about now…

If what you are looking for is a range of the best infrared fireplace heaters, electric heaters that look like fireplaces, and looking for unbiased reviews on the best ones on the market, then you’ll find our selection may suit your needs. We have taken time to review the popular brands and models in order to recommend the best products for you, our customers.
We base our reviews on the best selling infrared fireplace heaters on Amazon as well as price and ratings.


Brand Name


More Details

Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace in Burnished Oak Finish w/Remote

4 / 5

ClassicFlame 36II100GRG Elysium 36" Wall Mounted Infrared Quartz Fireplace, Black Glass Frame

4.6 / 5

Portable Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove with Remote Control

4.4 / 5

LifePro 3 Element Portable Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace Heater | LS-1111HH

4.6 / 5

Pleasant Hearth Sheridan Mobile Infrared Fireplace Grey, Dark Weathered Grey

4.2 / 5

Southern Enterprises Antebellum Infrared Electric Fireplace TV Stand

4.4 / 5

Narita Media Electric Fireplace

4.5 / 5


1) Lifesmart: Most Popular Infrared Fireplace Heater

Our #1 recommendation in the 7 top infrared fireplace heaters is based on sheer popularity and great reviews. The space heater is the highly rated Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace with a sleek Quakerstown Dark Oak finish complete with a remote. This is a top rated electric fireplace combining the best of cutting edge modern technology with an elegant classic exterior.

Pocket Friendly, Efficient To Run And Designed To Run For Years

And, if you have heard of the LifeSmart brand, you know Lifesmart are one of the top infrared heater brands and committed to designing cost effective, functional and durable heaters that last. They are one of the most recognized names when it comes to making the best infrared heaters on the market of all sizes.

If you need a large, living room space heater, this model is worth looking at. It’s better to buy a larger heater than a smaller one for the extra cold snaps. If you take your time to read the LifeSmart infrared fireplace heater reviews, the majority of them are pleased with the cost effectiveness and functionality of the heater.  Don’t be caught short and freeze!

Realistic Flames Flicker Just Like A Real Log Fire

A feature we really enjoyed is the ultra-realistic flickering flames look, creating that relaxing mood and ambiance of a real log fire place. There are 2 levels of fiery glow to choose from. For example, you can opt for a single fire output during the not too cold seasons, and both shelves can be used during the winter seasons. We must say this heater is one of the best looking electric heaters that look like fireplaces on the market. Included is an LED display and brightness dimmer.

Imagine having the curtains closed against a snowy winters night with the wind blasting outside…and feeling toasty warm and snug as this infrared fireplace space heater pumps out 1500 watts of heat…

The upper part of the fireplace is wide enough to be used as a shelf for keeping your pictures, flower centerpieces, or special small items on display.

Will This Heater Drain Your Pocket? Running Costs

Not only is this a very cheap electric fireplace, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised at your running costs. They will be extremely low. The Lifesmart Large Room Fireplace draws a maximum of 1500W on the highest power settings. Using only 5100 BTUs, this model is one of the best electric heaters for large spaces to easily heat a room of around 1000 square feet, making it an excellent choice for zone heating areas.

Castors Make Moving The Heater Easy

The Lifesmart is very portable despite it’s size ( 24”L X 11”W X 20”H ) which is made easy with the attached castors. It does take some lugging around but the castors make it possible to move the heater around pretty easily. The 6 foot cord plugs into any standard household electric socket.

Thermostat Settings

Thermostatic heat controls keep the room at a constant, comfortable temperature. It features 3 heat settings, including an ECO mode. Plus, you have the convenience of a remote control to switch settings from the comfort of your chair.

Want heat in the mornings? No problems!

There is an on / off programmable 12-hour timer so you can walk into a warm kitchen on those chilly mornings. It also has a heat-free mode that affords you the opportunity to enjoy the flickering flame effect, even when you don’t actually need to heat the room.

electric fireplace logs with heater

Includes A Safety Cutoff Switch

The Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace comes with a safety features I’d want to see on an electric heater.  There is thermal cutoff just in case you forget to turn the heater off when you rush out the door. An additional safety extra is the tip over, auto shutoff. Stop your home being accidentally burned down if the kids or pets knock it over while you are elsewhere.

Without a doubt, these safety features are important, especially considering this is not a very large unit and can be tipped over. In the world of infrared heaters pros and cons, these pros are priceless for safety!

Economical To Run With Comfortable Heat

The standout benefit of using infrared heating is, it’s very economical. Neither does it radiate a scorching blast of heat out. Infrared heat is absorbed by solid objects and people in-front of it, making this a more gentle and comfortable heat.

Large space heater reviews online on the Lifesmart are generally positive as it does a good job of heating large areas well. As with any electrical appliance, the pros of infrared heaters pros and cons do outweigh those of a normal electric space heater with their high power usage.

Benefits  Of The Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace:

  • Dimensions: 24”L X 11”W X 20”H
  • Heats 1000 sq foot room- allowing you to control the level of heat you require for the house
  • Adds classic comfort and ambiance of a natural fireplace to your home
  • Sit and enjoy the timeless look of realistic flickering flames effect for added realism
  • The outer casings are not hot. The heater suitable for homes with small babies and curious pets.
  • Built-in thermostat adjusts from 55-97 F with large LED display
  • Remote control and Auto timer for your convenience. No need to get up to light up the heater
  • Easy-roll locking casters for convenience
  • Safety thermal cutoff and tipover cutoff.
  • Sleek burnished Quakers Oak Wood finish

Choose me for quiet natural heat! I am portable (28”L X 11”W X 20”H ) and I offer 2 levels of glow with my 3 commercial grade quartz infrared elements.

2) Create A Modern Contemporary Look. Elysium 36″ Wall  Mounted Electric Infrared Fireplace

What do you choose when you don’t want the bulk of a floor heater cluttering up your space? The ClassicFlame 36II100GRG Elysium 36″ is the best choice of a top rated wall mounted electric fireplace for people who don’t have enough space in their living room. Whether you live in a small apartment, a chic inner city pad, or an upmarket condo, this is by far the best wall hung electric fire place we just know you’ll love.

Create A Focal Point With This Wall Mounted Electric Infrared Heater

wall mounted electric fires reviews

best wall mount electric fireplace heater
The heater is designed for mounting on the wall, or sitting on top of a cabinet or bookshelf. The included fixtures mean you can place it in any wall of the living room, bedroom, study or RV. The heater is a rectangular shape, measuring  23.42″ x 10.24″ x 36.00, although there is a larger one available measuring in at 47 inches long.

Wall Mounted Heaters Are SO Chic!

Wall mounted heaters are featured in all the top magazines right now and it seems everyone is going crazy over them. We can see why! They add sleek, chic elegance and beauty to your living room. There are also pretty LED sidelights which glow in 5 colors of Amber, Blue, Amber & Blue and you can use the Color Cycling and Off function.

Customize Your Infrared Electric Wall Heater To Suit Your Decor

You might be thinking, but that black facade looks really heavy and I don’t like black… That’s ok. You can easily switch out and customize the look with the included 3 different types of finishes. Choose between translucent fire glass, ivory river rocks or rustic driftwood.

Heats Up To 1000 Sq Meters

infrared electric wall heaters

5,200 BTU’s of heat provides supplemental zone heating for up to 1,000 square feet room, making this a definite possibility if you are looking for the best electric heaters for large spaces.

Heating your entire home all day is not a wise economic choice for your utility bills.  You may get a shock when that bill arrives in the mail… Rooms which are only used during certain parts of the day such as bedrooms, dens and basements can be heated using portable heaters.

Zone heating using infrared electric wall heaters is an effective way to heating your home, without needing to warm every room. The ClassicFlame 36II100GRG Elysium is a wall mounted electric infrared quartz fireplace which gives you greater control over how you heat your home. Save money by warming only the room you’re in and use that money where it’s really needed…

Don’t Get Up. The Elysium Comes With A Remote Control

We just love remote controls, don’t you too? The convenience factor is great. No longer is there any need to keep  getting up to control the heat levels as you can change it from the comfort of your seat with the push of a button.

The multi-function remote gives you the ability to customize your wall mounted electric fireplace heater with 3 Spectrafire blue flame brightness settings. If you don’t like that setting, go for a traditional, non-blue flame effect.

The inbuilt thermostat makes it easy to control the amount of heat produced by the heater. Unlike other heaters that often burn with an irritating sound, you’ll find with the Elysium Classic it burns quietly and efficiently.

Spectrafire Flame Effect

Using state-of-the-art technology, ClassicFlame designed and created Spectrafire flame effect technology. This technology adds blue and red highlights into the flickering flame effect, resulting in a very realistic flame. Even the pulsating embers and glowing logs  look incredibly real! Many of the large space heater reviews all commented on how good the SpectraFire Flame Effect is.

In summer, you can enjoy the flame-only setting without heat.

Benefits Of The Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Heater

  • 2 Sizes: 37 and 47 Inches long
  • 5,200 BTU’s of heat for supplemental heating up to 1,000 square feet
  • Choose to either wall mount, or sitting on a cabinet
  • Multi-function remote control from the comfort of your chair
  • Stylish Sleek look with 3 interchangeable finishes to suit your decor
  • It consists of inbuilt thermostat that is provides excellent heat control
  • Adds beauty to your living room with the added side lights
  • Perfect for anywhere in the house from the living room, study all the way to the bedroom.

I can be used year round with my adjustable digital thermostat. Hang me on the wall or I can sit on top of a cabinet. Heating up to 1000sq feet, I am great for zone heating.


3) Most Realistic Electric Wood Stove: Dura flame DFI-5010-01 Infrared Fireplace W/ Leaping 3D Flames

What happens when you are looking for a family, kids and pet-friendly energy efficient electric stove heater and you don’t want to turn your central heating up? You can’t drop the heat without affecting family members in a negative way that you’ll hear all about… This old fashioned Duraflame Electric Fireplace Stove heater will keep each family member much happier.

Your Energy Bills Will Keep Dropping: Keep The Whole Family Happy

And, thinking about everything we’ve just said in regards to your energy bills, lower running costs means more disposable income for your family and personal needs. Given they are an inexpensive heater to buy, you might buy a couple to keep everyone happy. You can still choose to lower the thermostat and each person can decide what’s the most comfortable temperature them. Just like Lifesmart, Duraflame is another one of the top infrared heater brands for heat efficiency and durability over the years of use. Keep the entire family happy this winter….:)

Zonal Heating

The main reason in choosing indoor heater is because of zonal heating. Turn up your central heating heats your entire home. A small, medium, large portable heater only heats up the room you’re using it in.

Why bother keeping the entire house warm in winter when you don’t use most of the rooms? If you do want additional warmth, then turn on an indoor heater and watch your energy bills will drop lower than ever before as you are not heating the whole house. The electric infrared fireplace heater reviews from customers were overall very happy with the performance of the Duraflame.

5,200 BTU’s Of Heat In This Freestanding Heater

If you are looking for an energy efficient electric stove heater, this very retro look model ticks all the boxes. 5,200 BTU’s of heat warms up to 1,000 square feet, making it a perfect heat source for living rooms, bedrooms, RV’s, basements and small workshops and garages.

Patent Pending 3D Flames

If you’ve always wanted a realistic log fire without the associated mess, you can’t go wrong with the Duraflame DFI-5010-01. The patent pending 3D flame effect technology is outstanding. It looks so amazingly lifelike because the flames sit in front, between and behind the log set, creating a naturally layered appearance. This is one of the best portable infrared fireplace heaters for moving from room to room.

Choose from 5 Brightness Settings

Not content with bringing you realistic flames, Duraflame give you 5 adjustable brightness settings so you can customize the flame effect.  Adjust their speed and brightness to suit the room, the weather, even your mood. How lovely it is to turn the flame height and flicker speed to the max when it’s freezing outside. Just looking at red hot, high flames instantly makes you feel warmer doesn’t it.

Enjoy The Ambience In Summer Minus The Heat

What about when it’s summer and you don’t want the heat function? If you enjoy the ambience of a fire and looking at the flames all year long, they’ll work without any heat. You can control everything from right across the room using the remote.

Classic Traditional Crafts Men Appearance

It is crafted with traditional looking black metal body with a door that swings out to open. The body is designed from  materials that ensure the outer part of the heater remains cool to the touch. The front features a large picture window with arched frame detailing for a classic look.

How Safe Is The Heater?

Give yourself the gift of peace of mind with this safety feature.  Patent pending Safer Plug (TM) fire prevention technology monitors plug temperature with a built-in thermometer. If, in the unlikely event the plug temperature rises above safe levels, the plug instantly shuts off. Overheating and he potential of dangerous house fires are prevented.

Benefits Of The Most Realistic Electric Wood Stove

  • Dimensions 13.1 x 24 x 23.4 inches
  • 5,200 BTU heater provides heating for up to 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Infrared quartz fireplace stove with lifelike 3D flame effect
  • Operate the glowing log and ember bed with or without heat
  • The remote is designed with the primary control buttons for easy operation
  • Lightweight metal material that makes it easy to move the stove around
  • Comes with 5 different heat and brightness options  to choose the appropriate heat
  • Create a warm  safe environment for your family as infrared heat doesn’t suck moisture out of the air

Choose me for an old fashioned look combined with the latest in heating technology! I  offer comfortable heat without drying out the room with realistic flickering flames. Yes, I am portable too. 


4) Life Pro 3 Element Portable Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace

If the number one thing you care about is style, you needn’t look any further than the LifePro 3 Element Portable Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace Heater LS-1111H. When it comes to looks, other models pale into insignificance when it comes to design and appearance. This aspect in combination with performance is part of the reason the Life Pro fits neatly into our top infrared fireplace heaters list.

Timeless Classic Elegance

Crafted with a beautiful wood finish, the sleek oak casing on the front and sides adds a touch of timeless classic elegance, as does the little carved rosettes at the top on each side. This infrared fireplace heater has been created to reflect old fashioned, classic looks combined with all the cutting edge technology in infrared heating you need to keep your home warm. People commented in their electric infrared fireplace heater reviews on how nicely the finish was of the wood and carvings.

2 Levels Of Realistic Flames With Burning Logs And Embers

Warm glowing red embers and logs make it look like a real log fireplace when it’s sitting in your living room. There are two levels of realistic fire glow allowing you to mix things up. At 28.3″ W x 10.7″ Deep x 22.6″ Tall in size, it’s large enough to look real too. You can use the flames right throughout the entire year with or without heat function. If you are looking for space heaters that look like fireplaces for creating a relaxing atmosphere, this one ticks a lot of boxes.

This Is A Heater For Larger  Areas Heating Up To 1,800 sq Feet

The size (28.3″ W x 10.7″ Deep x 22.6″ Tall) also means it’s a little heavier than most models we’ve looked at today. It may not be the lightest infrared heater when it comes to weight, but don’t forget it’s still only 50 pounds.

You’ll get E-Z glide casters to help you move it from room to room fairly easily. The heater is a good size making it suitable for small homes as it’s portable. We like portability in a heater, and the E-Z castors make this one of the best portable infrared fireplace heaters to move around easily. Unplug and roll away to the next room….

It will comfortably heat an area this size to around 70 degrees. Quite a few people mentioned in their large space heater reviews, the LifePro heated up to 1000 sq meters quite easily.

How Much Does It Cost To Run?

With LifePro LS-1111H, you don’t have to worry about your utility costs soaring as the heater saves your energy consumption in the house. Using only 1500 watts and 5100 BTUs, 3 commercial grade infrared quartz elements make it a cheap heating option as it costs around the same amount to run a hair dryer. Another user friendly aspect is infrared heat doesn’t dry out the air as many other heaters do.

2 Remote Controls Included

It comes with two remote controls that allow the user to keep the heat and temperature of the room balanced comfortably. It is convenient since you can turn off the heat and use the frames alone or even work with the heater alone without the flames on. It has wattage output of 1500 and 5100 BTUs.

Benefits Of The Best Electric Heater For Small Room

  •  Dimensions: 28.3″ W x 10.7″ Deep x 22.6″ Tall
  • Classic design and Oak finish make it an attractive piece of furniture
  • Includes 2 remote controls
  • Most efficient electric heater for small room. Uses only 1500W and 5,100 BTU’s to run
  • Saves you energy by providing both warmth and light in a room
  • Flickering flames can be used all year with or without heat
  • The heater is very quiet to operate. You can leave it on while sleeping or watching TV

Need a heater for larger spaces? I heat up to 1,800 sq feet. My polished Oak mantel with carved rosettes and flames make me a popular choice. Featuring 3 infared tubes, I am known for being reliable. 


5) Pleasant Hearth Sheridan Mobile Infrared Fireplace

Are you looking for a large sized portable space heater which is classic in looks and heats large areas? The Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 Sheridan Mobile Fireplace is designed to warm up extra large rooms up to 1000 sq m.

5 Heat Settings With 3 Levels Of How Bright The Flame Can Be

There are 5 convenient heat settings to choose from, plus 3 levels of the brightness of the flames. For a gentle subdued atmosphere, set the level to its lowest to create a soft romantic light. If it’s freezing, cold and windy outdoors, switch it to the highest heat setting with the brightest flames, and you’ll be warm, no matter how cold it is outside.

Generous Firebox Size

The generously sized firebox features a realistic burnt log set with an ember bed that glows for that touch of added realism. Gold and red dancing flames are projected back onto the rear of the firebox creating a soothing and life-like flame pattern. Choose from 3 flame brightness levels to create the perfect setting for your room.

Better Energy Conservation For Maximum Energy Efficiency

You’ll be able to keep your energy costs down. When it’s switched on it will keep a 1000 sq m of your home at a constant temperature of around 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The Pleasant Hearth  Sheridan Fireplace will use very little energy once it reaches this temperature.This energy conservation aspect is very much part of why we included the Sheridan Hearth Heater in our top infrared fireplace heaters list.

You’ll be able to keep your main thermostat down, heating only the room you are in for increased maximum efficiency and better energy conservation.

This is one of the best infrared fireplace heaters for producing minimal ambient noise. You can relax and enjoy your favorite television or radio programs without that annoying background noise,  as well as have regular conversations with ease. 

Benefits Of The Best Portable Space Heater For A Large Space

  • Dimensions 31.75″ W x 27.25″ H x 12.76″ D
  • 5 Heat settings to keep you toasty when its really cold and snowy
  • 3 Levels of bright warming flames
  • Available in 4 attractive wood colors to blend in with your decor
  • Ideal for heating rooms up to 1000sq feet, it is one of the best electric heaters for large spaces
  • If you enjoy the look of  traditional fireplace, this design may well tick all your boxes

Plug me in and feel the warmth! With 3 levels of flame brightness and 5 levels of heat, I am a great choice to zone heat smaller areas.


6) Best Infrared Fireplace Heater Combo

Yes, I know this is quite a different idea isn’t it… How clever from a space saving view and we love it! If you are looking for an impressive and beautifully designed unit, we think the Antebellum is the best electric fireplace TV stand we’ve seen. These electric fireplaces with media storage are a relatively new trend and work well on so many levels. They look sleek and elegant, adding a nice touch of style to your home. An added bonus, your flatscreen TV will fit in just fine.

Space Saving Combo

energy efficient electric fireplace tv stand
fireplace tv stand for 55 inch tv

The space saving aspect is a good one as you are decluttering your house by combining the best of both worlds in one of these cottage styled units. Plus, this fireplace heater is available in 3 colors. If your decor is light bright shabby chic- you’ll love the electric fireplace TV stand in the white finish, It’s so fresh and clean looking.

For a sleek, inner city condo, the darker chic look of the Walnut and Black finish offers elegance and class. The top shelf is made from Walnut

Multi-functional Fireplace Media Stand

The multipurpose functionality design features make this  fireplace media stand a wonderful addition to your home. Where do you store all the DVD’s, books, internet tower and knick knacks for example- this odds and ends…

Louvered Doors Hide All The “Stuff”

You’ll find louvered cabinet doors on each side of the firebox house which open out to reveal an adjustable shelf with plenty of DVD and CD storage. A large, wide open shelf offers plenty of space for receivers and game consoles to tuck underneath your flat screen TV.

Neat Cord Management

At the back of the unit are 2 openings for neat cord management. This infrared fireplace heater tv stand will accommodate ant flat screen sizes up to a 50-Inch flat screen. The dimensions are: 48 inch W x 15 inch D x 32 inch H. The weight considerations: supports up to: 85 lb. (mantel), 20 lb. (media shelf), 15 lb. (per shelf)

Do I Need A Tradesman To Install My Infrared Fireplace Heater TV Stand?

No. You don’t need an electrician or contractor for installation. Easy-to-follow instructions are included as it ships in an economical flat pack. You do the finished assembly, saving you the cost of factory assembly. You can instantly remodel your livingroom, study or bedroom without the usual mess and be spared the expense. Create a more welcoming environment.

How Does The Infrared Heating Work?

The Southern Enterprises Antebellum Infrared Electric Fireplace works just like any other infrared heater. The 6 foot cord plugs into any standard outlet and draws 1500W, 12.5 Amps, making it an energy efficient electric fireplace TV stand.

You can thermostatically control the heat with the remote control and keep the temperature in a comfortable 62-82 degrees range with 4 degree intervals. The logs and embers glow very realistically, casting a lovely soft light into the room. You can adjust light levels on the logset to be brighter or softer.

And, if you want to use the flame function in summer without the heat, you can! Summer or winter, everyone enjoys the homely feel of a fire!

Benefits Of The Antebellum TV Stand With Built In Fireplace

  •  Dimensions: 48 inch W x 15 inch D x 32 inch H and supports up to: 85 lb. (mantel), 20 lb. (media shelf), 15 lb. (per shelf)
  • Brings traditional elegance and charm to your room
  • Neatly stores away all those messy DVD’s and CD’s
  • Heats from 62 to 82 degrees at 4 degree intervals
  • Adjustable and realistic flickering flame effect with long life LED lights
  • Can be used for both small rooms and large rooms as you can regulate heating needed in the house

I am a great choice to zone heat smaller areas, plus you get storage space! 1 media shelf, 2 cabinets, and 2 adjustable shelves and space to place a flat panel TV…


7) Narita Media Electric Fireplace

This is another great energy efficient electric fireplace TV stand for those who prefer to have all in one media consoles for looks.

The Narita Media Electric Fireplace is is another Southern Enterprises design and it’s one of the best electric fireplace media consoles for heating  areas to around 400 sq feet.It is ventless which is a bonus. You can easily and quickly heat smaller living rooms or move around for warming a small section of the house.

Luxurious Contemporary Design Lines In This Electric Fireplace W/ Media Storage

Designed with contemporary homes in mind, the modern styling, plus the convenience of ease, and the relaxing fiery glow are all combined into one in this luxurious cabinet.

Finished in 2 attractive choices of either red espresso or glazed pine, the roomy firebox is framed on each side by lattice style cabinets with adjustable shelves.  The cottagey distressed look is accentuated with small wormholes and imperfections which is cleverly designed to add character to the furniture.

2 Shelves And 2 Cord Openings

This is one of the best rated electric fireplace media centers simply because it’s so well laid out for users. Above the shelves on each side of the firebox is an open shelf, which is divided in two by the center support structure. The open shelf has 2 circular holes for cord management, making it ideal for neatly storing away all of your media equipment or game consoles.

The top shelf can accommodates  flat panel TV’s up to 46″ in width. The dimensions of the shelf are 48″ W x 16.25″ D x 32.5″ H.

Each side of the firebox features 1 media shelf with adjustable shelves to store your internet tower, books, games, CD’s or movies you have bought over the years.

The Firebox And Warming Flames

Who doesn’t love a good fire? It’s a primal reaction to caveman days where we huddled around smokey fires trying to stay warm and safe… The Narita firebox has soothing realistic, multicolor flickering flames and the glowing embers are seated under the log bed. For a more life like, real look, there is an interior brick design on each side panel for a more lifelike look.

As a supplemental heat source, it’s great for the living room, the study and the bedroom. You could even add a warm touch to the dining room or your home office….

This electric fireplace features energy efficient LED lights with an optional down light illumination, and best of all, and requires no professional installation. You can put it all together yourself, making it a cost effective way to bring class to your living or media room.

4 Way Adjustablity On The Remote Control

This is up there with the best rated electric fireplace media centers for functionality. The remote control features 4-way adjustability to warm the room and you can adjust the thermostat,  the timer, the logs, and even the flames remotely and  separately. Depending on the day, your mood, the occasion, the weather, you can have all types of different lighting and warmth effects. You can keep the room comfortably warm at 62-82 degrees during the cooler months.

How Safe Are These Electric Fireplaces With Media Storage?

This is a commonly asked question- Are these electric fireplace with media storage safe? What about overheating, will the heat damage my flatscreen…??  Safety is builtin with the automatic shutoff  function and glass remains cool to the touch which is important for little hands.

Once your preset or desired temperature is reached, the thermostat kicks in and the self-regulating heater turns off. Once you power off the heater when you go out, the  logs and flames slowly turn down. Again you can use The Narita in summer without the heat to enjoy the gentle ambience of flames and glowing remember..


  •  Dimensions: 48 inches wide x 16.25 inches deep x 32.5 inches high
  • Heats smaller rooms up to 400 sq feet easily
  • Great extra storage space for DVD’s, books, game consoles, internet tower and your flat screen TV
  • Huge range of adjustable heat, flame and embers and light brightness options
  • Designed with a cottagey distressed appearance to bring classic timeless elegance to your rooms.
  • Takes less than ten minutes to warm up the room.

With my glazed pine finish, 2 media shelves, 2 cabinets, 2 adjustable shelves I am an all in one storage and heating solution. And space to place a flat panel TV…


How easy is it to find a heater that is pocket friendly, portable and attractive? We all know heaters are essential for keeping rooms warm as the cooler months roll in with those chilly mornings and evenings. It’s important to choose the best infrared heaters on the market with sufficient  heating power, as well as a fan system to keep up the level of warmth you want. Luckily there are plenty of excellent heaters that we feel you’ll like.

The Size Of The House

How big is your house? Can the room fit a 40 inch heater and leave enough space for other furniture and movement? These are some of the questions that you need to ask yourself before you select a heater. Preferably you don’t buy a heater you  have to squeeze in your house… Going the other way, if the heat output is too small, you’ll end up freezing and having to spend more money on another heater! And you don’t want that.

The Types Of Infrared Heaters

These heaters vary greatly in size, design and shape. Some come with remote controls. Others offer you a wide range of functions.  So do take time for thorough research on the best infrared heater on the market and their infrared heaters pros and cons. By educating yourself, you’ll choose a heater you’ll be happy with this winter.

The Price

Price is always a tough one. We all love a bargain. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for! The price determines the quality and the use of the heater. If you want a heater that will reliably serve you for many years to come, be prepared to spend a little more money. However-Note: some heaters are sold at a pocket-friendly price and can be as good as those expensive brands. Make sure you buy infrared heaters from a well-established dealer for quality purposes. We highly recommend you read up the most efficient space heater reviews, because you want efficient, not poor!

The Heating Capacity

The heating capacity is measured in wattage. Some heaters have high heating capacity of up to 1000 sq feet while others have relatively low at around 400 sq feet. The choice of the heating capacity depends on your needs. If you need a heater to save on energy consumption, choose one that has lower power consumption. If power consumption isn’t an issue, you can always work with a heater that has high wattage.

Purpose. Do you need the heater for heating the room, or for lighting up the area? Some heaters are designed for heating purposes only while others are ideal for heating and lighting. Make sure you check the working specifications of your chosen brand and model to make sure it suits your needs and purposes.

Overview Of The 7 Top Rated Infrared Fireplace Heaters…

All the heaters we have brought you will do and excellent job in keeping you warm, as well as keeping expensive winter heating bills down.  I think when it comes to this type of heater, it really depends on the individual person and what they like.  Make sure you read the reviews as they tell you a lot. For example LifeSmart infrared fireplace heater reviews are very positive in the heaters performance, how it looks and peoples experiences. We can’t saythis enough- read those reviews.

Most people buy infrared fireplace heaters for their looks as they love the mood created with dancing red and gold flames with redhot glowing ember beds, and without the mess of ashes to clean up.

The benefit for you is you can simply flick a switch, set the timer to let the heater come on at a specific time suitable for you, or warm a particular area. These infrared fireplace heaters and TV media centers with fireplaces do more than just look good as an attractive piece of room furniture. They keep you and your family comfortable.

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