5 Top Rated Ceramic Infrared Cooktops Plus Your Consumer Buying Guide

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Have you heard about the benefits cooking with those top rated ceramic infrared cooktops, and just how fast they work? Just a few of their benefits:

  • Powered by Infrared Technology
  • Super fast to heat, virtually instant
  • 1200 Watts of power
  • No hot or cold spots= even cooking
  • Ceramic glass top wipes clean with a damp cloth
  • Sleek portable designs
  • Cool touch handles and casing
  • Inexpensive to run

The sleek design of infrared ceramic cookers offer you all the benefits of cooking with the efficiency of a gas stove, at a much faster rate, without the danger of an open flame. They are small rectangular cookers which take up a tiny footprint on your kitchen benchtop.

Like to jump straight to reviews. We review each Cook-top indepth further down the page.

Ceramic Cooktops

Brand Name

More Details

Ovente Cool Touch Double Hotplate Portable Ceramic Infrared Cooktop

Cusimax 1800W Ceramic Infrared Electric Hot Plate with Dual Control and Glass Plate

Techwood Single Burner Infrared Ceramic Burner for Indoor & Outdoor Use with 1200W

Cusimax CMIP-B120 1200W Infrared Cooktop,Ceramic Single Portable Burner (Black,Stainless Steel)

NutriChef Infrared Ceramic Burner Cooktop Electric Countertop Cooker, Black/Stainless Steel (PKST18)

High Quality Ceramic Glass Top

The best infrared hotplate features a flat stove top with a high quality ceramic glass coating which instantly heats up and cooks faster with equal heat distribution within the cooking range. The best part is: there are no cold or hot spots due to its ability to distribute heat. They are not induction cooktops, and they heat just as rapidly. Neither do you need to purchase special cookware as you do with an induction stove. Portable cooktop reviews of the most popular hotplates are pretty positive. What’s the difference between infrared and induction cooktops

Different Types Of Infrared Cookers

There are many types of infrared cookers, such as convection and radiant, to halogen cookers. Radiant cooktops work by sending electricity through metal coils. The coils are covered by sheets of ceramic to insulate the coils, allowing the metal coils to rapidly heat up. When a pot or pan is then placed on the surface, the heat is transferred, cooking the contents.

Convection cooktops, on the other hand, heat the air around the food, and use a fan to blow it around rather than heating the actual food itself. This means neither the food nor the food to be cooked have to come into contact with the cooking surface itself, and also offers more even heating and cooking. If you like the sound of these appliances, you may also like to read about our favorite 7 infrared countertop ovens. They can cook a whole meal. Busy and time poor Moms, you’ll love these and the best part is…. Even the kids can whip up a snack for themselves.

Why Would You Use Top Rated Ceramic Infrared Cooktops?

Infrared cooking heats up the cooking surface by bouncing infrared light off of the molecules, causing them to vibrate, and generate heat. They do not rely on gas and flame, or uneven electrical heating coils as conventional stoves do. This helps reduce the chances of overcooking significantly, ensuring your food cooks evenly and perfectly for a great tasting, nutritious meal.

Infrared hot plate reviews show these cooktops are extremely versatile, and are generally portable and small enough to fit nearly anywhere. This makes them ideal for cooking in possibly cramped areas, such as a small, apartment-sized kitchen, or even in an RV while camping.

They are portable, and will work anywhere provided the proper power outlet is available to use. The many benefits do give it a major positive, and can be a powerful draw card to people who are thinking of moving away from electric or gas stoves.

What Are The Benefits of Using Infrared Cooktops?

Infrared cooktops use radiation to vibrate molecules in the food being cooked, or liquid being heated, rather than needing an open flame. Using this form of heating, the entire surface is heated evenly, and faster than using a conventional stove-top. This makes them much more energy efficient by up to 50%, and cuts down the cost of gas or electricity. Here’s some information on what is infrared heat in case you weren’t sure

Cooktop Surfaces Are Easy To Clean

The flat stove top surfaces are easy to clean, simply wipe them down with a damp towel once the surface has cooled down. Occasionally you may need a cleaning agent, depending on the degree of “mess” and material that has spilled over.

Use Any Type Of Cookware

Not only are they easy to clean, they are easy to use. Most having pre-programmed settings, enabled by the push of a button. You can use any type of cookware, so there is no need to invest in unnecessarily expensive pots, pans, and baking dishes unlike induction cooktops.

Are There Any Downsides or Health Risks?

Though infrared cooking is faster and more even than conventional means, it does take some practice to master. It is possible, when starting out with this form of cooking, to have food that does not cook thoroughly, or make a miscalculation and have it take longer than normal to cook. Once you master the settings and times, your food will come out perfectly.

For health risks, many studies have shown cooking with infrared is safe, and it is no more dangerous than using a microwave. Neither output enough radiation of any kind. As long as there are no faults in the machine itself, and general precautions are taken to prevent any damage, using infrared ceramic cooktops for snacks and meals is completely safe.

What are the Functions offered?

Many ceramic cooktops offer pre-programmed temperature settings with a clear LED display. Others use a dial with heat gradients. You choose from a selection of heat ranges, plus the time to ensure the perfect cook every time. The heat range can be set from Low to High with numbered choices in between. The heat is virtually instant.

You Can Cook Anything

Nearly everything you can think of, or need to, can be cooked on an infrared cooktop, provided you have the size and power you need for it. Due to the speed of cooking, and the rapid heating of the flat stove top ceramic plate, these can save you time and money, especially in the long run when paying for electricity or gas.


When it comes to sizes of cookers, there are almost as many options as there are brands. From a single burner, perfect for a student’s dorm room, or someone in a small apartment or living area without a stove, or proper cooking area.

Double cookers give you a wider range of cooking options for families. They also work well as an extra stovetop if you are hosting a dinner party for example. Because of their small footprint, you can slip them back into the cupboard again. Many specific models offer different sizes and burner counts, further adding to the versatility of them.

Are They Portable and Easy to Clean?

Since infrared cooktops are typically coated in ceramic, generally all it takes to clean them is a damp towel and wipe the surface down. Due to the compact size of some of the cooktops, they can easily be used almost anywhere, from a dorm room, restaurant kitchen, a small apartment-sized kitchen, to inside an RV during a camping trip or a boat.

They are super easy to clean as the ceramic surface is pretty much non stick. I hate spending ages scrubbing away at encrusted gunk don’t you? A damp cloth on its own or a little dish soap is all you need to keep your stove shining and clean. Make sure you read the infrared hot plate reviews of the item you are thinking of buying. Those reviews will invariably tell you 1) how easy they are to use, 2) what you can cook and 3) ease of cleaning I have found. Making a good choice is far more satisfying in the long run!

Keep Your Kitchen Cool And No, You Don’t Need any Special Cookware?

Typically, infrared cookers will only heat the ceramic surface of the plate, and the pot. This is nice, as it stops the kitchen from heating up, as using a conventional stove would. Once the pot is removed, the heat transfer stops there.

As they are not induction cooktops, you to use just about any type of cookware without negatively impacting the performance, undercooking, or improperly cooking your food. That’s a bonus in my view as I have discovered the pots and pans for using on induction cooktops can be quite expensive!

These 5 Top Rated Ceramic Infrared Cooktops Make Your Life Easier

1) Ovente Cool Touch 2 Hotplate Portable Ceramic Infrared Cooktop Burner

A company introduced by TopNet Inc, in 1999 and distributing both local and imported appliances, Ovente features their Cool Touch Portable Ceramic Infrared Cooktop Burner The Ovente cooker heats instantly and offers equal heat distribution on the burner, with no cooler or hotter areas. The best aspect is the left burner has 120V and the right burner has 750-Watts of power.

Instant Inexpensive Heat

This is a top rated ceramic infrared cooktop made of high quality ceramic glass, which is fairly easy to clean, as well as providing better distribution of heat. At a smallish footprint of 17.9 x 11.4 x 3.1 inches, this compact, yet solid burner works with all types of cookware you already have, which saves money on buying specialty cookware just for this. Infrared hot plate reviews note the even heat distribution which is important. There is nothing worse than hot plates which heat in one area and have “cold” spots in others! Just like ovens that bake cakes unevenly!

Different Temperature Presets

The  thermostat knobs  let you to change the temperature from 1 = 105°, 2 = 125°, 3 = 155°, 4 = 180°, and 5 = 212° F degrees Fahrenheit

Security Options

As a security feature, there is also an option to lock the cooktop, to prevent from accidental powering on of the cooker. The top portion of the cooker is the only part to heat up during cooking, whereas the rest remains cool to the touch. This sleek design allows the cooker to go well with just about any kitchen setup, and is more than durable enough for everyday cooking, or camping out.

Benefits of the Ovente Infrared Cooktop Burner:

  • 1200w of power instantly heats up and cooks faster with equal heat distribution
  • 2 Hotplates, left hotplate has 120w and right hotplate has 750w of infrared heating power.
  • Compatible with all types of cookware
  • Uses Touch technology and safety lock option
  • Only the cooking range gets hot, the outside surface remains cool to touch even while cooking
  • Perfect for everyday and camping use
Choose me for being a modern, smart looking kitchen appliance. I am portable with 120V (left plate) + 750-Watts (right plate). Use me as a backup, camping, an extra hotplate for parties, in the Rv and more….


2) Cusimax 1800 Watt Glass Plate Electric  With 2 Plates

The Cusimax Infrared Cooktop is a 1800W, instant-heating infrared heat cooker with 2 hotplates. Featuring an easy to clean ceramic glass top and a built to last brushed stainless steel housing, this double burner cooktop boasts a modest size for its capabilities at 21.5 x 4.7 x 15 inches” in size.

Saves Counter Space

Saving you space on your counter or table, wherever you decide to use it, yet being large enough to accommodate a larger pot and smaller pan, this cooktop is a useful size. As soon as you turn this cooker on, it instantly heats up, saving you waiting time, which is helpful especially if you need it at the last minute.

Adjustable Thermostat With Indicator Light

The dial thermostat and power knob make it easy to set the exact temperature you require, as well as a power indicator light, just to the left.

Handles Remain Cool To Touch

The cool handles make it easy to move, without having to wait after use to take care of and store. Cleaning the cooker is simple, as you only need a damp cloth to wipe it down, or soap if needed. The cooker can be used with all sorts of cookware, so there is no need to buy new or special dishes to use, as anything can be safely used on it for cooking.

Benefits of the Cusimax Infrared Cooktop:

  • 2hot plate cooker with 1800W radiant infrared heating power, heats up instantly, no lagging.
  • Works with all types of cookware.
  • Adjustable thermostat, heating indicator light.
  • Ceramic glass top, easy to clean. Built to last.
  • Cool touch handle, easy to lift and move around.
  • Small footprint saves countertop space.

I am the best choice for featuring 2 hotplates and 1800w of power. My high quality double crystallite glass plate and stainless steel means I work with all types of cookware for user ease


3) Techwood Portable Compact Infrared Ceramic Cooktop, 1000W

TheTechwood Single Burner Cooker features a Crystallite glass plate which helps to distribute heat throughout your cookware, ensuring that your food cooks evenly and thoroughly.

Very Portable, Fits Anywhere…

At a modest 11 x 11 x 4.3 inches and being more efficient than an induction cooker, this little cooktop will make itself right at home in your kitchen, while also being capable of cooking almost anything you need.

1000 Watts of Power

With 1000W of power, your meals will be done much quicker, which is beneficial when cooking for large families, or for a gathering.

Skid Resistant Rubber Feet

The skid-resistant feet on the bottom keep the cooker in place while you use it, ensuring your safety. This gives is a bonus for RV camping or traveling, as you can cook meals while on the road, and not worry about the cooker sliding around. The temperature of the cooktop can be adjusted with the knob on the front, and also contains a safety precaution; a thermal fuse to protect

against possible overheating of the cooktop, which can be adjusted as needed.

Power Temperature Controls

The power and temperature knob has an indicator light, and also shows the areas of highest and lowest heat, to better position cookware for the optimum cooking needed.

The only negative is a slight smoke or smell of burning during the first use, due to the protective coating on the Techwood. This is not cause for alarm, and dissipates after the first use.

Need An Extra Hotplate For A Dinner Party?

In the end, this lightweight, yet powerful cooker can definitely give your kitchen a boost, especially as a back up for a dinner party when you need an extra hotplate. I love that idea. I am sure like me, you have needed an extra hotplate to use when you have guests over….. to get everything ready on time It’s ideal for everyone; whether at home, on the road or camping, or even in a dorm room.

Benefits of the Techwood Crystallite Glass Infrared Cooktop:

  • Crystallite glass plate , power lower than hot plate and more efficient than induction cooker.
  • 120V, 1000 watt of power, finish a meal in less time.
  • Unit dimensions 11.8 x 8.8 x 3 inches
  • Skid-resistant rubber feet ensure safety during cooking.
  • Thermal fuse for overheating protection.
  • Temperature is adjustable through the control knob..
  • Small footprint saves countertop space.

I have 7 Thermostatically controlled heating settings, plus thermal cycling and protection which makes it easy to cook a variety of foods. I handle all types of cookware and I’m very easy to clean!


4) Cusimax CMIP-B120 1200W Infrared Cooktop, Ceramic Single Portable Burner (Black,Stainless Steel)

At a reasonable size of 13.9 x 10.7 and only 4.4 inches high, the Cusimax Ceramic Single Portable Burner is ideal for any area you want a portable cooker. As you can store it in a cupboard after use, its perfect for: dorm rooms for college students, office spaces, or for some extra cooking space in a kitchen. It’s also perfect for living areas without a kitchen, and safe to use just about anywhere as well.

You Don’t Need Special Cookware

There is no need to invest in expensive cookware to use alongside this, as it can accommodate pots, pans, and even glass and aluminum dishes, while still effectively cooking, and providing nearly zero heat loss.

Fine Temperature Control Offers Verstaility

The versatility of this cooktop allows you to not only heat up sauces and other liquids, but also cooks vegetables, cook or boil eggs, and even grilled cheese or cook pasta. With a temperature control knob located on the front, it is easy to quickly, yet precisely tune it to suit your cooking needs.

Safety Auto Shut Off

Not only is it small and lightweight, but the CMIP-B10 also has a safety auto shutoff, regulated by an internal thermostat.

This not only helps in case of accidentally leaving it on after use, but it also helps to keep a steady temperature for cooking or boiling, while not having to stand right next to it at all times.

Crystalitte Glass Wipes Clean With A Damp Cloth

The crystallite glass plate allows not only quick and even heating of cooking surfaces, but is also easily cleaned with a damp cloth. With a steel body, and tough glass top plate, this cooktop is built to last frequent usage, and not wear out easily.

Benefits of the Cusimax Ceramic Single Portable Burner:

  • Ideal for student accommodation,offices, camping, RV/caravans,man cave pancakes,arson, holiday homes, everyday use or entertaining.
  • Works with all types of cookware.
  • Convenient Cooking in Smaller Spaces
  • Automatic safety shutoff function.
  • Temperature is regulated by a thermostat.
  • Easy to clean durable ceramic cooktop.

I am perfect for students, camping, in the RV, anywhere you need me. Being small, I am portable and can be stored away. 1200W of infrared power for instant heat


5) NutriChef Infrared Ceramic Burner Cooktop Electric Countertop Cooker, Black/Stainless Steel (PKST18)

Offering some of the finest cutlery and cookware for gourmet chefs and the casual cook alike, NutriChef’s Infrared Ceramic Burner makes it quick and easy to prepare tasty and healthy foods.

2 Preset Temperatures

It comes with 2 preset temperatures which are 110 and 864 degrees Fahrenheit, which can then be adjusted using the arrows.

Non Stick Ceramic Glass Top

The cooking surface itself is a non-stick ceramic-tempered glass which heats the pot or pan quickly, without the plate itself getting hot which makes it safe to use on any countertop.

Large LCD Display Panel

The panel of the cooker has an LCD with 5 easy to use buttons; power, temp, an up and down arrow, and a timer button. Both the LCD and top of the cooker are easily cleaned with a damp towel, which makes cleanup a quick and easy task.

Neat Design And Sturdy Steel Base For Stability

While capable of heating your pot or pan quickly, it does not take up much space on your counter, measuring only 14.2” x 11.4”, and at just over 2” high. With its sturdy steel base construction and an elegant design, this single plate cooktop can find home in any kitchen setting, or even outdoors on a camping trip.

Features Inbuilt Cooling Fans

As a safety precaution, even after the cooker is turned off, the fans will continue to run, helping to cool the top off, as well as an indicator on the screen stating “HOT”. Overall, this infrared cooker is built to last, and help cook even the tastiest meals for you and your family, or customers.

Benefits of the NutriChef’s Infrared Ceramic Burner:

  • Ceramic-tempered glass cooktop.
  • Electric plug-in cooker.
  • Flameless safety.
  • High-powered heating element.
  • Quickly heats for instant food prep.

I am a professional grade electric countertop cooker. Being a portable single burner, you can use steel, cast iron, enameled iron, stainless steel, flat bottom pots or pans. .


Top Rated Ceramic Infrared Cooktops Conclusion and Your Buyer’s Guide

If you are interested in ceramic infrared cooktops, but are unsure of exactly what to look for, here is a simple guide to help you find the perfect cooktop.

Decide On The Size You Need For The Area And Uses You’ll Need It For

First of all, you’ll want to get a cooktop that will fit not only in the area you will be cooking and storing it in, but also able to accommodate whatever size pots, pans, or baking dishes you will be using with your future cooktop.
For example; if you need a cooktop for cooking while on the road or camping in an RV, a large multi-burner cooker may not be the right choice. However, you also don’t want to have one that is too small and has the dishes overhanging , which will affect the heat distribution, increasing the cooking times.

Brand Consciousness

Secondly, sometimes the brand name says it all. As with almost everything on the market, there are some brands that are just better than others in that category; especially over no-name, or store brand products. Some brand names are Ovente, DUXTOP, Salton and Cusimax to name a few.
While this may not always be the case, typically a company with a high reputation is the way to go for certain needs. Though finding the best infrared hotplate sometimes comes right down to trial and error, it is usually a better idea to go with a highly recognized brand name.

Cord Length

Once you know the size and a likely brand for your cooker, it’s time to think about the length of the cord you will need. If you’re living in a small apartment or dorm room, then you will probably not need a very long cord, as it will simply end up being bunched up, and risk having it come into contact with the top of the cooker. On the other hand, you also don’t want a cord that will be too short, and have trouble finding a place to put it while it’s in use. Generally the cords that come with nearly all models are suited for a large range of distances from outlets, offering the most versatility to meet all your needs, for in and out of home cooking.

Looking For Fast Heating? Choose A Powerful Model

If you’re looking for a hotplate to make quick meals, then you’ll want to find something that offers more power. You want to avoid long delays while waiting for the plate to heat up… Some plates will, of course, heat faster than others, which is something to keep in mind, especially when searching for the best infrared hotplate for you. In many cases, a quicker heating cooktop is preferable, though not always, as some foods or whatever is being cooked or heated are best brought to temperature slowly.

How Many Watts Will It Use?

Just as it’s important to know the speed at which your prospective cooker will heat, it’s also important to know the watts being used by it to produce heat. Doing a quick watts to heat comparison of not only the model you are looking for, but also similar or equally priced or rated cookers will show the one that will get you your money’s worth.For some, this may be almost as, or even more, important than the previous points to keep in mind.

Cleaning Your Cooker

Cleaning your cooktop should be quick and hassle-free. While having food bubble and boil over, spilling onto the cooker is very unlikely, especially if it’s being watched, spilling food by simple human error can and often does happen.

Many cooktops are easy to clean, needing just a damp cloth; however it is important to also know how to clean stuck on food, and if it is safe to use certain cleaning supplies, as some may negatively affect the integrity of the cooktop.

Once you have gathered all the information, watched videos and read reviews you need about the best infrared hotplate for you, you are well on your way to owning the best, top rated ceramic infrared cooktop for your money, and can create wonderful healthier meals and snacks for you and your family.

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