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We are your online source for information related to all things that use infrared technology. At first we were focusing on heaters, cookers and massagers but have since chosen to incorporate any and all items that utilize this fast and efficient way to produce heat.

Safe and Cost Effective

We believe that infrared technology is not only safe, but it is so cost effective, you will want to replace some of your existing conventional home products with those that are built with infrared technology.

Like to Learn Which Are The Best Infrared Products and Brands?

The information you will find on this website is accurate to our knowledge and we intend to develop this into a resource site. That means, the details you will find here will be information based, factual and educational.

In order to help you determine whether or not you should be replacing appliances in your home with infrared ones, you will want to learn more about how these products work and what their benefits are compared to conventional appliances.

That is why we feel it is important to include a great deal of educational material on this website as a means of giving you the information you need in order to make an informed decision.

What is Infrared Technology?

Before we take a look at the kinds of products you will find reviewed on this website, let’s take a look at what infrared technology is. Infrared radiation (IR) is comprised of electromagnetic radiation that uses infrared light. Infrared light is light wavelengths that are outside the spectrum of visible light which makes them invisible.

How does IR turn into Heat?

Infrared radiation is produced by an emitter which is absorbed by whatever the IR waves are aimed at. In the case of an infrared oven, an emitter sends IR into a piece of meat. The molecules within the meat absorb the energy waves.

The molecules vibrate at a rapid speed as a result of the absorption of the IR. The vibrating movements of the molecules cause them to ‘rub’ against each other which produces friction. This friction creates heat which then cooks the meat in the oven.

What Kinds of Products Use Infrared Technology?

There are actually several different products manufactured today that utilize infrared technology. Probably the most common applications for this form of heat therapy are in products used for health and fitness.

There are beauty aids, cooking appliances, lifestyle products and many more consumer goods that are being created using this efficient form of energy.

Plus, there are numerous commercial and industrial applications. They include wireless IR products that range from ATM sensors to use in gaming consoles, television remote controls, cell phones and associated applications.

This website however, is intended to focus entirely on the vast array of consumer products of which there is quite a few.

Some of the consumer products you will find discussed and reviewed on this website include:


Probably one of the most effective forms of task heating in specific areas can be achieved with an infrared heater. They come in various sizes and styles for either indoor or outdoor use. They excel at heating specific areas at a fraction of the cost of any kind of indoor or outdoor heating system. Plus, common design features include instant shut off (if knocked over) and cool touch housing. Fireplace heaters offer all the benefits and enjoyment of a wood burning heater without the mess of smoke and ash.


One very popular way in which consumers have benefited from the use of infrared technology is in the manufacture of dry infrared saunas. These come in various sizes and shapes and all use a system where infrared light creates a dry heat.

Imagine spending some time in your own personal infrared heater sauna which would cost a fraction of a conventional sauna to heat and continually operate.

Cooking Products

As infrared technology produces heat from within food, it is a sensible and highly efficient way to process various foods. As a result, there are a number of appliances available that are infrared ovens, portable ceramic cooktops, portable ceramic cooktops, cookers, barbecues and BBQ grills

The speeds with which they can cook make them a top choice for busy families or those who don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen. They also use far less energy to cook making infrared cooking appliances a good choice for the environment and those on a budget.

Beauty Aids

You may have seen them called skin rejuvenation systems. They are promoted as infrared slimming machines and fall under the category of infrared light therapy products. They use infrared light to create a body treatment that costs a fraction of a typical spa treatment.


Infrared cameras are the norm these days in home and business security. They have a high sensitivity and have various capabilities ranging from web cameras, close-circuit television and the already mentioned security use. They use little energy to operate and often outperform convention cameras.

Medical Appliances

Infrared technology has also worked into several different products that are outside of the category of beauty aids. They include massagers and heating pads. These items all use IR to operate and are efficient in how they can direct heat to where it is needed most bringing fast relief and comfort to those requiring it.

Plus, IR can be used as a sensing device, such as in cameras. One additional consumer product that utilizes this property is thermometers. There are several different kinds available today that use infrared technology in order to function and are extremely accurate as a result.

Turn To Us

So when you are looking for any kind of product that has the word ‘infrared’ in it, turn to us at InfraredHeaterGenie.com for assistance. We will continue to add new information and products to our review pages so you can come back frequently to discover more interesting ways you can add infrared technology to better your life. We want to be your ‘go to’ source for all things related to infrared products and will not rest until we achieve that goal!

Thank you for visiting with us and let’s start showing you more about some of the most amazing IR products on the planet.

Claire, Mark, Hunter and Darcy


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Fire Sense Stainless Steel Telescoping Infrared Patio Heater

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