What Is An Amish Heater? Traditional Looks, Modern Technology

what are amish style heaters?

Amish style heaters offer the ideal solution as a source of supplemental home heating for those who love all the benefits and looks of a traditional fireplace but without the associated mess. They remind us of earlier and simpler settler times, keeping that romantic connection with the past alive These distinctive styles of electric heaters are some of the most popular heaters around. So, lets see what is an Amish heater and why they are an effective source of supplemental home heating.

What is an Amish Heater?

Initially introduced by Heat Surge, LLC, an American company from Ohio, an Amish heater is a unique electric heater. It’s called an Amish heater because it comes with a beautiful sometimes ornate wooden mantel handcrafted by Amish artisans. The only Amish part of the heater is the handcrafted wooden mantle.

The heating unit is manufactured in China, and comes with a patented technology known as the “Fireless Flame”. This technology gives the appearance of the heater using a real fire with logs to heat the space. But it’s an electric heater, so there are no flames, smoke, or ashes. When the product first launched, users were astounded, looking at the realism of the flames and the burning embers. Now, the market has several Amish style electric heaters that look like they’re real fireplaces.

Benefits Of Amish Style Heaters

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using these heaters:

1) Energy Efficient

In terms of functionality, this heater’s energy efficiency is what makes it stand apart from the crowd. The manufacturer’s claim that a 1500 Watt Amish heater uses the same amount of energy as an electric coffee maker, and yet produces 5,119 BTU. This means the heater will comfortably heat the whole room while using less energy.

This low energy consumption is a surefire way to save money on electricity bills.

2) Full Of Aesthetics, Zero Cleanup

Zero cleanup is what you get when you put real electric heating and lifelike fake flames together. As mentioned earlier, Amish heaters come with a patented technology that creates a hyper-realistic visual of a fire. These flames and ember beds set a classic and elegant ambiance. At the same time, they’re much cleaner and safer than an actual wood fire.

Josette Holland, a home makeover expert, had said that these heaters were the perfect way to decorate rooms.

These 3 Amish style heaters combine the best of traditional looks with the safety and energy efficiency of modern technology.

3) Portability

Amish heaters are super portable. One reason for this is their lightweight design plus castors. On the lighter end, you’ll find tiny Amish heaters that weigh 12 lb. The mid-range will see these heaters weighing 30 lb. On the heavier side, they may weigh around 72 lb or more. Most of them come with castors, so moving them from room to room is easy.

4) Supplemental Heating

Supplemental heating is a simple strategy to conserve energy and lower electricity bills. This involves heating specific areas of the home that are frequently used rather than raising the internal temperature of the entire house.

This is an economical solution and Amish heaters help with achieving this.

Size and Heating Range


Just like the weight range we looked at, Amish heaters come in various sizes.

The smaller ones could have dimensions of 14.5″ x 7.87″ x 9.76″. A 1500 Watt Amish heater of these dimensions could heat up to 400 square feet of area.

On the larger side, a 1400 Watt heater with the dimensions 28.70” x 11.60” x 27. 60” could heat up to 1,000 square feet.

Are Amish Style Heaters Safe To Use?

 Since these are electric heaters, they are safer and less hazardous than traditional gas heaters and far safer than open wood fires. You won’t have to deal with taking precautions for managing the heat or the toxic fumes. These Amish style heaters won’t need to be inspected and cleaned regularly as do standard wood or gas burning fireplaces.

Cool Touch Casing For Extra Safety

The heater casing remains cool to touch while running, making them ideal and safe for children and pets. The majority of Amish heaters come equipped with automatic cut-off function. This means the fireplace will automatically turn off it falls or tips over.

Auto Shutoff Safety Features

At the same time, as a safety precaution, we recommend that these heaters aren’t left running overnight, or when no one’s around. There are heaters on the market that come with timers  you can set to shut down automatically, and also with technology that automatically shuts the heater off  should it overheat.

Keep in mind not to insert objects into the vents and safest not to position flammable items near the heater.

Bottom Line

 Amish style heaters are an excellent option if you’re looking for a portable heater that’s elegant and feels just like a real fireplace. The near-zero maintenance will save you time and effort. Not to mention, the energy efficiency and heating range will save you money in the long run.

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